Get glowing skin for the holidays.

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Nurse Natalie, our laser expert, helps you shine bright this festive season.

Is your skin looking dull and lacklustre? Laser therapy is one of the most effective and lasting ways you can recapture a youthful glow. Our very own laser expert Nurse Natalie is the person to help you do that, just in time for the holidays.

What’s involved with a laser therapy treatment?

Nurse Natalie has access to a range of laser and light technology to provide a completely customized treatment based on your individual needs. For patients who want radiant skin Natalie has some great options for you that require little to no downtime.

Introductory and maintenance treatments.


This is the ideal baby-step for anyone who’s a bit nervous about a laser treatment. It also happens to be the perfect pre-event boost for more radiant skin. MicroLaserPeel(Tm) removes just a thin layer of the epidermis, so it is much less invasive than lasers that penetrate more deeply to address deep wrinkles and pitted scars. The recovery is fast, with the skin looking and feeling just a bit pink for a few days time as it heals. Dull and damaged cells are removed to reveal dewy, smooth and refreshed skin.

Forever Young BBL™ Photorejuvenation

Photorejuvenation is one of the most gentle and effective ways to rejuvenate sun damaged, aging skin.This treatment may require a bit more recovery time (2-4 days) depending on your skin condition and concerns. Light is penetrated into the skin, targeting pigmented cells and dilated vessels. Once treated, these unhealthy cells are eliminated by the body, either by absorption (in the case of vessels), or sloughing away from the skin’s surface (in the case of pigmented lesions). The results is a luminous and clear complexion with a refined texture. A series of treatments is often recommended to realize optimal results, with maintenance treatments once or twice a year to follow.

An enhanced treatment for targeted concerns.

Profractional™ Laser

For patients who are bothered by deep wrinkles and scars–from acne or otherwise–Nurse Natalie turns to the Profracational™ Laser.This device has the power and precision to stimulate collagen remodelling and synthesis at the site of the scar or wrinkle, thus smoothing and softening their appearance. In order to attain these results, the Profractional™ Laser treats the skin more aggressively, and therefore, a longer healing process is required with this treatment (4-7 days). A series of 1-4 sessions spaced 3-6 weeks apart is required to realize satisfying results.

Nurse Natalie understands that the decision to try laser rejuvenation is a big one, but the proven rewards for your skin make it all worthwhile. Natalie is committed to educating you on all your options and working with you on a treatment plan that fits your budget and lifestyle. So if you’re on the fence, the next step is to book in for a consultation with Natalie. Her years of experience and warm demeanor will put you at ease. It’s time to achieve the skin of your dreams. Call 519.804.9822 or contact us to arrange your appointment.


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