Is your skin ready for spring? You might be surprised at the answer.

Beauty Team at TCSCSpring is on its way!

As the seasons change, it’s especially important to reconsider your skincare regimen. Changing seasons affect every aspect of your complexion—from signs of aging and acne to oil production, radiance, and skin texture. By reassessing now, we can build a strategy for beautiful skin all summer long. Here are a few skincare tips from our medical spa experts for our London, Kitchener, and Waterloo, Ontario, patients.

Spring clean your skincare cabinet

We all have extra products on our shelf that we don’t use up. Are there products that have been sitting in your cabinet for more than six months? Time to let go of any products that haven’t delivered the results they promised! Old products lose their potency and can also carry a buildup of bacteria and cause a whole host of skin issues.

Next, wash all your makeup brushes with a brush cleaner or gentle shampoo and air-dry them or dry them gently with a blow dryer—they may be responsible for clogged pores and extra dirt or pollution on your skin. 

How do I get flawless skin at home?

We hear that question a lot. An effective springtime skincare regimen that produces smooth, vibrant skin usually includes the following:


It’s time to say goodbye to the dull, dead skin that gets in the way of a fresh, youthful complexion. If you’re not someone who wears full coverage makeup, two times a week is likely sufficient. Exfoliating is especially important while you’re in between treatments like chemical peels or laser skin rejuvenation which help promote cell turnover. You can prolong the results of past treatments by continually sloughing away dead skin. 

Try: Exfoliating Polish from ZO® Skin Health. Magnesium crystals remove layers of dead skin to reveal a more radiant complexion while vitamins A, C, and E deliver antioxidant protection.

Lighten up

This applies across the board. It’s likely time to switch out your heavier moisturizers for something lighter and water-based. As the weather warms up, we’re exposed to less harsh, cold conditions. Our skin isn’t exposed to the same degree of dry, indoor heat anymore. Invest in a moisturizer that’s light, layers on easily under makeup, and offers sun protection. Springtime also likely means less makeup—why not give your skin a chance to breathe?

Try: Products with hyaluronic acid to keep in moisture. 


Include antioxidants in your skincare routine to protect skin from environmental damage. Look for vitamins A, C, and E in your products, and choose serums or lotions that are backed by research and produce consistent results. Sunscreen is important year-round, but right now it’s more important than ever. Layer on a serum under sunscreen for extra protection, and you’ll be safeguarded from free radical damage and those damaging UV rays. The American Academy of Dermatology also has some suggestions for selecting a good sunscreen.

Try: Alto Defense Serum™ from skinbetter science®! It brightens tone, alleviates redness, and evens out skin tone. This serum combines vitamins C, E, and 17 other antioxidants to defend skin from free radicals and environmental damage.

Try something new

Over time, retinol can smooth wrinkles, brighten skin, and even out your complexion. If you’re looking to calm or nourish your skin, try de-stressing with an overnight mask or cream and wake up to a new radiant complexion. That’s one way to start your day off on the right foot!

Try: A gentle medical-grade retinol product every other day for a month to see how your skin responds.

Invest in products that actually work

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All the brands we carry are backed by science and were developed by researchers who know the physiology and biochemistry of skin inside and out. By choosing intentionally when it comes to your skin care, you can enjoy superior, clinical results at home.

We haven’t forgotten you men, either! Check out our related blog post to learn more about the best skincare products for men.

Want some help choosing the perfect skincare regimen? We’re here to help! Get in touch with us to find out how to order your favourite ZO and Skinbetter products with shipping right to your doorstep. We also currently offer curbside pick-up for skincare products for those who are limiting their outside contacts.

Give us a call at (519) 746-1132 or email us at, and let’s make a plan to elevate your skin.

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