Introducing Sydney!

Meet Sydney McElheran, our new Administrative Assistant. Sydney  joined our team with a desire to empower and help, a multifaceted skill set, and a thoughtful approach to her work. We’re grateful to have her on board and can’t wait for you to meet her too.

Sydney answers a phone and smiles at the person taking a photo

Hi Sydney!


What brought you into the world of medical aesthetics?

My main goal in life has always been to help people and make them happy. After witnessing multiple close friends and family members benefit from the cosmetic investments they made in themselves, I knew this would be an industry where I could help people. In a world where there are so many opportunities to criticize ourselves, it’s refreshing to be in a setting where we can help patients feel happy when they look in the mirror.


What excites you about your work?

I’m excited every day I come to work! This is my first job in the medical field and every day I am learning something new! I love talking to the surgeons and nurses about their surgeries and talking to the Beauty Nurse® Team about their treatments. Every day is an adventure!  


What kind of roles did you hold in the past?

I’ve worn a multitude of hats throughout my career. From office management and reception experience to serving and bartending, all of these roles prepared me for my place here at TCSC. 


What is one thing you wish all patients knew?

You look great! We are all our own harshest critics. I know we all can be hard on ourselves –– but trust us when we tell you that you look awesome and own it!

What’s one thing you wish all patients would do?

Planning ahead is key. All of our providers, nurses and doctors here have very busy schedules. I love to fit you in as soon as possible, but you’re much more likely to get the day or time that works best for you when you book well in advance. 

We are always trying our best to accommodate those who need to be seen sooner, but when you’re as popular as TCSC, it can sometimes be a challenge!


What is your favourite treatment and why?

My favourite treatment is our newest technology, The InMode BodyTite and FaceTite! It seems like magic to me! The way it “irons” out wrinkles like a shirt and tightens the skin to the body is so interesting. It’s exciting for those who want to turn back the clock on areas they are self conscious about!


What do you love about TCSC? 

I’ve never met such a loving, caring, cohesive team in my career. It is truly something to value when you love the people you spend your work week with. From the time and effort that everyone gives the patients to the laughter we share in our team huddles, every day at TCSC is heartwarming. 


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at the clinic? Any hobbies?

If I’m not reading fantasy novels, I’m usually walking my dogs, painting on any surface I can find or elbow deep in dirt in my garden!


Thanks Sydney!


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