Looking for the Perfect Gift?

Here are a few of our favourite things!

The holidays are here!
When we’re feeling sad, we simply remember our favourite things; and then we don’t feel so bad! Just like the popular song from the Sound of Music, the team at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Kitchener-Waterloo knows that the holidays are the perfect time to celebrate some all-time favourites.


Some of the best gifts are surprisingly simple; read on for some holiday inspiration!

Neuromodulators and gift cards and cookies and candles…
These are a few of our favourite things!

Dr. Shenker and Expert Injector Majid chose a dream trio of favourites: coffee, chocolate chip cookies, and neuromodulators! Who doesn’t love a cozy cup of coffee on a cold morning? Make a cup for someone you love or splurge on a bag of fancy coffee for a gift that keeps on giving. Choose a dark chocolate chip cookie to get the benefits of antioxidants; great for your skin and a bit of guilt-free indulgence! The holidays are also the perfect time to try BOTOX COSMETIC® or Dysport Aesthetic™ – for that well-rested, radiant look we all love.


Patti and Barb both love celebrating their favourite sports team over the holidays and Glo Skin Beauty!

The holidays are all about family – the ones we grew up with and the family we choose. So consider this your permission to relax with those you love and enjoy your own favourite things. Watch the game, tell stories, go skating at a local arena, or get together for a glass of wine and some great conversation. Curious about Glo Skin Beauty (formerly glo minerals)? Ask us about gift sets and the best presents from this innovative, mineral-based line to benefit and beautify your skin!

Ange loves hitting the slopes; Heather loves a warm cup of tea; and they both love gift cards as the ultimate holiday gift. 

Feeling stuck when choosing a present? Giving a gift card can be more personal and thoughtful than you think when you include a personalized note and pair it with a small personal gift. Or buy a gift card for yourself and a friend so you can book a treatment together! It’s more fun to rejuvenate with someone you love spending time with – then you can enjoy your beautiful results together. Looking for a great outlet for holiday stress? Hitting the slopes is the grown-up version of a playground. Endorphins, sweating, and exercise make for an improved complexion and a refreshed state of mind.


Sarah loves candles; Lauren loves to work out; and they both love ZO Exfoliating Polish from ZO® Skin Health!

Try a beeswax candle this holiday season; it’s easy to find locally made versions. Studies suggest they clean the air as they burn! Candles are the perfect reminder to take a breath and reset over the holidays. ZO Exfoliating Polish is a favourite with our team because it smooths skin while deeply exfoliating. Magnesium crystals and tea tree oil purge dead skin and free pores so your complexion can be truly luminous.

What are your favourite things? If you have a favourite treatment, contact us to book an appointment today to refresh your look right in time for the holidays. 

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