SELPHYL® Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) is a revolutionarily new product and procedure that enhances typical platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments to help our patients from London, Waterloo, and nearby Ontario communities fight wrinkles and signs of aging. This breakthrough alternative to treating unwanted wrinkles with "dermal fillers" uses the patient's own blood. It is now possible to harness the power of platelets naturally derived from your blood to restore skin volume and rejuvenate the face, neck and hands.

What is the SELPHYL® process?

The SELPHYL® System is a new approach to anti-aging treatment which uses a Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix as a dermal filler using the patient's own blood. Using a centrifuge and a chemical catalyst, the components of the blood is divided to use only the platelets and fibrin, forming a thickened concentrate to be used in facial restructuring.

What makes the SELPHYL® System work?

SELPHYL® is a natural autologous preparation which the body readily accepts. When injected just under the skin, it activates new skin cell growth and, over time, leads to a stronger collagen support structure. SELPHYL® discharges a protein which prompts new cells to grow and spread throughout the treatment area.

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What areas of the body can be treated successfully with SELPHYL®?

SELPHYL® can be used to give a fuller and refreshed appearance to tear troughs, skin divots, pockmarks, and hollow cheeks. It can diminish the scars left by acne and greatly improve the lines around the mouth and nose, which develop with time. SELPHYL® may be used on any area of the body, which needs to be plumped or to create areas with more definition.

What are the benefits of SELPHYL® compared to other similar treatments?

The fact that SELPHYL® is created from the patient's own body is the biggest advantage this system offers; this means allergic reactions almost never occur. SELPHYL® stays fluid under the skin so there is never a need to be concerned about unsightly knots or clumping. The entire SELPHYL® process takes place at the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and requires no general anesthesia. Because SELPHYL® does not burn or blister the face, infection is unlikely.

Who can be treated with SELPHYL®?

Patients of all ethnicities are candidates for SELPHYL® treatment. The SELPHYL® system should not be used on anyone already dealing with blood clotting issues or those who are presently on blood thinning medications. Patients treating infections should wait until they have cleared before receiving treatment.

What happens at an appointment for SELPHYL® treatment?

First, blood will be drawn from the patient's vein. Only 9cc of blood is needed to provide SELPHYL® for each treatment. After using the patient's blood to prepare the filler, SELPHYL® is injected into the treatment area.

What is the recovery after SELPHYL® treatment like?

Recovery after SELPHYL® treatment is relatively easy. Pain medication is not required, and the patient will only experience mild swelling and bruising. Minor itching may occuer, but this is only a mild irritation.

What will I see after SELPHYL® treatment?

After two to three weeks, the treated area will look smoother as new cells fill in under the epidermis. The improvement seen will continue for several weeks until signs of aging are greatly diminished.

Does using SELPHYL® have any associated risks?

Because The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic follows a special protocol when working with blood products, the risk of infection is slight.

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