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Before Case 110 After
faciall sun damage Facial sun damage after

Case 110

This 46 year old woman had sun damage, brown facial spots, fine lines, wrinkles and acne.  We treated her facial skin with Forever Young BBL (broad band light), medical-grade skin care including retinol, a skin brightening system, cleansers and moisturizers.
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Before Case 92 After
Before After

Case 92

BBL Treatments x 2 to correct hyper-pigmentation and facial rejuvenation.*
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Before Case 114 After
rosacea before rosacea after

Case 114

This gentleman suffered from excessive redness and fine blood vessels on his cheeks and nose.  His facial redness was successfully treated with a combination of broadband light (BBL) and medical grade skin care, including sunscreen.
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Before Case 94 After
Before After

Case 94

This woman was unhappy with the irregularities in her skin tone and texture, as well as the brown and red spots on her skin.  These issues were corrected using several broadband light (BBL) treatments to correct the accumulated sun damage.
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Before Case 153 After
Before After

Case 153

This healthy 63-year-old woman was unhappy with the discoloration on her facial skin, which was resistant to over-the-counter remedies. After several sessions of broadband light (Forever Young BBL) and micro laser peel treatments she's had marked improvement in the skin irregularities and pig...
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