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Before Case 131 After
Mastopexy Before Mastopexy After

Case 131

This 36 yer old mom was unhappy with the way her breasts looked after pregnancy, childbearing and a subsequent weight loss.  She did not want her breasts to be any bigger, but she was tired of the loose, droopy look of her breasts.   She under went a "lollipop" vert...
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Before Case 126 After
mastopexy before mastopexy after

Case 126

This healthy 36 year old woman was unhappy with the sagging of her breasts.  She wanted the nipples lifted into a more "perky" position.  She had a mastopexy (breast lift) procedure along wth some fat grafting to the upper pole of her breasts to give her a fuller, perkier more...
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Before Case 164 After
Before After

Case 164

This 31-year-old woman wanted fuller, perkier breasts than the ones she was left with after having children.  She had breast implants as well as a breast lift.  The implants (330 gram silicone gel) gave her the size and volume, and the breast lift tightened her skin so that her nip...
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Before Case 40 After
Before After

Case 40

57 Year Old Mother of two - Mastopexy (Breast Iift)* After two pregnancies our patients breasts were left deflated. Our team performed a breast lift to give her natural volume. She is very pleased with her new natural bust.
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Before Case 102 After
Before After

Case 102

Mastopexy (Breast Iift)*   This patient already had a good amount of breast tissue. She wanted her breasts to be lifted and a slightly smaller. A mastopexy was done to bring her breast position up and a small amount of excess skin and tissue was removed to give her slightly smaller...
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Before Case 141 After
Before After

Case 141

This very pleasant middle-aged woman had a large weight loss, and, even though she was very happy to lose the weight, she was unhappy with the subsequent appearance of her breasts and abdomen. She underwent a standard abdominoplasty along with a vertical  mastopexy with fat grafting...
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Before Case 97 After
Before After

Case 97

This 46 year old woman who  achieved weight loss through  gasteric bypass was left with excessive skin, enlarged aerola and very little volume in her breasts. She came to us to complete her aesthetic goals. Her husband and two children supported her through her entire transfo...
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Before Case 79 After
Before After

Case 79

This woman in her 30's started experiencing volume and elasticity loss after pregnancy. She was unhappy with the position, size and droop to her natural breast. Our team helped her achieve her aesthetic goals using a full projecting cohesive gel implant and performing a lift at the sa...
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Before Case 146 After
mastopexy mastopexy

Case 146

This lovely 29 year old woman was unhappy with the stretched out skin of her breasts and the low position of her nipples.  She underwent a mastopexy (breast-lift) using an inveted T incision pattern.  She is seen here at 3 months after surgery.  Her breast shape and nipple pos...
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Before Case 138 After
Before After

Case 138

This very pleasant 42 year old woman was unsatisfied with the size and shape of her breasts. This was especially the case because she had previously undergone a right sided lumpectomy, which left her with some asymmetry. She underwent bilateral augmentation mastopexy  using two diffe...
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