The Beauty Nurse Team
The Beauty Nurse Team

The Beauty Nurse® Team

Imagine an aesthetic practice where you not only have access to 2 highly qualified plastic surgeons, but also to a team of nonsurgical specialists who collaborate and share their expertise to create the optimal patient experience. What you're imagining is The Beauty Nurse® team, a unique and innovative approach to medical spa and anti-aging treatments developed to serve residents from Hamilton to London, Ontario from our centrally-located Waterloo location.

The Beauty Nurse Team, Lauren, Majid, and Natalie standing together

The Benefits of a Team Approach

Even though each member of The Beauty Nurse® team is among the best in their field of expertise, what sets them apart is that they not only work together, but also collaborate with the surgeons to ensure our patients' treatment plans are customized for their needs. Highly sought after and consistently trained in the latest and greatest techniques and treatments, each team member brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our office. Their styles and personalities are as diverse and complementary as the treatments they offer.

Surgical and Nonsurgical Integration

The cooperation between our surgical team and The Beauty Nurse® team is a tangible part of our practice that simply isn't available at most other practices. Working closely together under the same roof means our patients have access to virtually every treatment option, enabling our specialists to fully customize treatment plans. If a nonsurgical procedure isn't producing the desired results, our physicians and surgical nurses collaborate with the aesthetic nurses to redirect the approach in a way that truly benefits the patient.

Meet Members of The Beauty Nurse® Team

Every member of The Beauty Nurse® team brings something special to the table, and we think it's about time you get to know them a little bit better!

Lauren Jacobs of the beauty nurse team Lauren Jacobs of the beauty nurse team

Meet Lauren

Lauren Jacobs is our CoolSculpting® guru who also happens to be a registered nurse with nearly 15 years of experience. Her nursing journey has included working in oral surgery and pediatrics, not to mention a full-time position on the surgical floor at Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Our surgical patients benefit from Lauren's exceptional skills because in addition to performing CoolSculpting, she's our post-operative nurse.

With her nursing background, working in an aesthetic practice ultimately captivated Lauren's interest. She's especially passionate about using her CoolSculpting expertise to help men and women get the body contouring results they want without surgery.


Beginning the journey with each patient and seeing them through as they reach their aesthetic goal is the most rewarding part of my job. I love seeing those great results and smiling patients!”

Lauren attended the advanced CoolSculpting Masters course in Reston, Virginia, where specialists already very familiar with the CoolSculpting platform go well beyond the basics. She gained new insights and learned valuable information about treating areas of the body that can be difficult for less experienced treatment providers.

Like a chef who tastes her food before serving it to guests, Lauren has experienced CoolSculpting herself several times. She's familiar with the sensations that occur during the procedure, hands-on knowledge that is incredibly valuable for her patients.

Fun Fact

Lauren was an early childhood educator before pursuing a nursing career.

Majid Memand of the beauty nurse team

Meet Majid

Majid Memand's lifelong interest in art and creating beauty makes him a natural as a nurse injector. He's a registered nurse because of his sincere desire to help people live their best lives and was drawn to the aesthetic field because it combines science and medicine with art and the study of beauty. Now, with more than 12 years of nursing experience, Majid's deft handling of syringes and microcannulas enables him to sculpt beautiful results.

His artistic skills are seen in the contoured cheeks, sensuous, full lips, and softened wrinkles of his patients.


My advice to patients getting cosmetic injections for the first time is to start with baby steps. If you love it, you can always go for more. I pride myself on achieving the best, most natural-looking results and putting a beautiful smile on my patients' faces.”

Majid came to The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic because he wanted to work with patients at a practice with an excellent reputation. He also wanted to work with a team of experienced aesthetic specialists performing at the highest level of their field of expertise. As a knowledgeable and skilled injector, Majid is deeply familiar with facial anatomy and understands what to do in the rare cases when complications occur.

The world of nonsurgical treatments and injectables is dynamic and constantly changing—Majid is at the forefront of these advances. Dermal fillers have become ever-more specialized and are tailored specifically for lip enhancement and long-lasting volume restoration. Using fillers such as JUVÉDERM®, Majid works with our surgeons to enhance the results of facial plastic surgery. He also uses his expertise as an injector to provide patients who aren't ready for cosmetic surgery with a more youthful appearance using fillers. The cosmetic and medical uses for BOTOX® continue to expand, and Majid is up to date on the latest BOTOX breakthroughs. Majid uses BELKYRA® to reduce the appearance of double chins, and in addition to injectables, he performs chemical peels and microneedling treatments using PRP (platelet-rich plasma).

Fun Fact

Majid's dad was a scrub nurse, and Majid occasionally accompanied him in the operating room, even when he was as young as 5 years old.

Majid Memand of the beauty nurse team Majid Memand of the beauty nurse team

Natalie Jakobowska of the beauty nurse team Natalie Jakobowskaof the beauty nurse team

Meet Natalie

The "skin whisperer," Natalie Jakobowska specializes in skin care and laser skin treatments. Natalie's work with patients exemplifies The Beauty Nurse® team approach. Many of our patients have skincare concerns but may initially come to our practice for CoolSculpting with Lauren or filler injections with Majid. The synergistic energy of our practice results in creating a comprehensive treatment plan that exceed each patient's expectations. That includes working with the surgeons, something that Natalie emphasizes is unique to our practice.

Natalie is a registered practical nurse who earned her nursing diploma in 2006 from Conestoga College. At The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, she performs a range of laser skin treatments and helps develop customized daily skin care regimens for patients using medical-grade skincare products to maintain healthy skin.


I enjoy connecting with my patients by discussing their struggles with skin problems, as I have experienced similar concerns. This helps develop a relationship built on trust. To me, connecting on this level creates an ideal atmosphere for helping patients the best way I can."

Natalie joined our practice in part because of its reputation for excellence and the opportunity to master the latest skincare techniques while working with plastic surgeons such as Dr. Shenker. As a cosmetic nurse, Natalie says the chance to coordinate treatments with The Beauty Nurse® team and the surgical team, both of whom maintain the highest possible standards, makes her job unlike any other.

Hearing from patients about their renewed confidence and increased self-esteem after she's treated them for skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, or sun damage is particularly gratifying for Natalie. "The opportunity to combine all of my nursing knowledge and experience with my creativity to make a positive impact in the lives of my patients on a daily basis is something few other careers can offer."

Fun Fact

Natalie was born in Poland and moved to Canada when she was just 7 years old. She still speaks fluent Polish!

With so many nonsurgical solutions available to address cosmetic concerns, The Beauty Nurse® Team approach is a concept whose time has come. Whether you're interested in CoolSculpting, skin care, or anti-aging injectables, request a consultation online to meet with a member of our experienced team of plastic surgeons and medical professionals. You can also call our office at (519) 804-9822 to schedule an appointment.

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