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Looking for the perfect gift?

Here are a few of our favourite things! The holidays are here! When we’re feeling sad, we simply remember our favourite things; and then we don’t feel so bad! Just like the popular song from the Sound of Music, our team knows that the holidays are the perfect time to celebrate some of our all-time favourites. Some of the best gifts are surprisingly simple; read on for some holiday inspiration! Neuromodulators and gift cards and cookies and candles… These are a few of our favourite things! Dr. Shenker and Expert Injector Majid chose a dream trio of favourites: Coffee, Chocolate … Continue reading »

FAQ: plastic surgery financing.

What are my options? Which procedures are eligible? How does it work? Your most common financing questions, answered. Deciding to have cosmetic surgery is a big commitment; one that will affect you physically, emotionally, and of course, financially. In fact, budgetary limitations often cause patients to delay treatment due to cost concerns, or stop them from pursuing their plastic surgery dreams altogether. That’s why it’s no surprise that many patients inquire about plastic surgery financing. Today, we’re answering some of the most common questions we are asked by our patients. Do many patients inquire about plastic surgery financing, or am … Continue reading »

Breast lift scars: what your plastic surgeon wants you to know.

A breast lift—also known as a mastopexy—is a surgical procedure that improves the profile, position, and shape of sagging breasts, giving them a more youthful appearance without necessarily changing their size. Many women choose to have this surgery following pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or significant volume loss as a result of aging. As with most cosmetic surgery procedures, there are many important factors to consider, from cost to recovery, and everything in between. Not surprisingly, one of the main hesitations our patients express when making their decision is breast lift scars. Unfortunately, because the operation involves the removal of excess … Continue reading »

Cheers to 10 years.

Ten years ago today, November 1st, 2007, I became the owner and medical director of the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, and my, what an adventure it has been! I thought I would take a few moments to reflect on these last 10 years, and I thought I should share those thoughts with you. I am so honoured to be able to carry on the work started by Dr. Peter Wyshynski, who bought the historic Seagram house in 1990, and converted it to the modern medical and surgical clinic it is today. I am always proud to tell our patients that top-notch … Continue reading »

Meet our team of plastic surgeons.

Many clinics can offer a wide array of plastic surgery options, but few clinics are equipped with three plastic surgeons to support the need for plastic surgeons in London Ontario, and surrounding area. We wanted to take a few moments to introduce our amazing surgeons – for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them. Dr. Robert Shenker The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic’s principle plastic surgeon and medical director, Dr. Robert Shenker is the clinic’s founding father and backbone. His list of accomplishments is long—he’s the former Chief of Surgery and Vice President of Medical Affairs at Cambridge … Continue reading »

Meet Our Surgeons

The talented, experienced plastic surgeons at our Kitchener-Waterloo clinic have the advanced training to create exceptional, natural-looking results that meet the individual needs of our patients. The collaborative nature of our practice benefits patients in many ways.

Dr. Robert Shenker Dr. Stephanie Ma
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