Patient Testimonials

Women and men come to The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Waterloo, Ontario, for plastic surgery from London, Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, Windsor, and other Southwestern Ontario communities. Here is what a few of them have had to say about their experiences with Dr. Shenker and staff.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Medical staff in scrubs working on patient in operating roomThe best advice I can offer to anyone seeking cosmetic surgery/enhancement is to go and meet Dr. Shenker. Have a consultation, ask questions. You will quickly realize that within the walls of his stunning office is an exceptional and remarkable team offering unparalelled all around service - from initial inquiry to procedure to recovery. I very recently had a breast augmentation with Dr. Shenker and from the moment I walked into the building for my consultation, I was absolutely floored by the expertise, professionalism and personal dedication that is consistently presented by every person you come in contact with there. I couldnt imagine a more comforting atmosphere to make such an important decision. Rest assured, with Dr.Shenker and his class A staff, you will be in the very best of hands.

Dr. Shenker,
Thank you for making my dreams come true!
Best wishes, JF*

Hi Natalie,
Thank you for everything today. I have to say that not only are you a great nurse but also a wonderful person. Although the lasers were a bit painful it was more tolerable knowing that I was with someone full of knowledge and experience but also with someone who cared. Thank you.*

Dear Dr. Shenker and Team,

I want to commend you all on exceeding my expectations of your clinic. From the first communication I had with Jenna via email right up to my surgery date I felt like a "guest" rather than a "patient" at your office.

Everyone was very knowledgeable and pleasant to speak with. I felt as though I was calling frequently with questions, but thanks to the kind voices at your office all of my concerns were put to rest.

Never having been sedated before I was not sure what to expect. It was a relief to walk into such a professional environment. 'T's were crossed and 'i's were dotted on all ends. I never once felt like shortcuts were being taken. If I can only pick one thing that put me at complete ease it was Dr. Shenker's checklist he went over right before sedation. It was all a repeat on his end I'm sure but verbally hearing it from a patient perspective was very comforting.

In addition to thanking the surgery team for a job well done (I'm still a little sore seeing as my surgery was yesterday, however, I feel like a new woman) I would also like to send my gratitude to Jenna and Rachel. I appreciated very much you two coordinating my pre-op and cancellations papers and sending them electronically. You showed that my time was just as valuable as yours.

It will be my pleasure to recommend you clinic to family, friends and strangers.*

Dear Dr. Shenker,

Thank you for working your "magic". I love my enhancement, it looks so natural.


I just wanted to say thank-u from the bottom of my heart for my new complete body. Finally! I feel so much more confident with myself when I walk down the street... I just feel beautiful

Thanks so much Dr. Shenker,

Dr. Shenker, Emily, Nurses & Staff,

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for giving me what I always dreamed of. The care I received was exceptional, to say the least.


Dr. Shenker,

Thank you. I feel and look amazing because of you… You made me feel like family before and after my surgery. Your staff treated me wonderfully and a special thank you to Emily, not only is she beautiful but she is kind and genuine.

Thank you again,

Dear Dr. Shenker & Staff,

How do you thank a team for everything they have done, for helping me to be, the person I've always wanted to become.

For all the care and guidance right from the very start, I will always be so thankful, from the bottom of my heart.

Forever Thankful,

Dear Dr. Robert Shenker & Staff,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking your time to understand my needs and thank you for being so kind and caring throughout my procedures. Most of all thank you for the wonderful work you have done for me! I also want to thank you and your staff for being so extremely friendly, helpful and very kind and patient with me. Overall I was in good hands when I was there. Thank you so much again.


Just wanted to send a special Thank You for helping me be me. The kindness, understanding, caring has been overwhelming and appreciated during my recovery and journey.

Thank you for everything!!!

Dear Heather,

Thank you so much for being so kind and understanding every time I called. You were very professional and personable. Thank you for all you've done!


Dr. Shenker,

Thank you so much for being so caring and so thorough. Thank you for basically making me feel like a woman! Your staff were absolutely amazing and I would definitely refer anyone in your Clinic. You guys were so relaxed and friendly which made this procedure so easy to go through. Being in the medical field, you see people who are in it for the buck and the people who are in it because they care...and you guys definitely care!

Thanks again*

Dr. Shenker,

I have recently written to the CEO of Cambridge Memorial Hospital and expressed my appreciation for the opportunity to have a Tram Flap procedure done at this facility. I also, and justly so, expressed how fortunate I was to have both you and your operating team support me in this situation. I hope that this honest and deep felt appreciation supports both yourself and the future women who need this operation as a choice to feel whole again.

Aside from this need to support you and your cause, I do want to express how amazed I was at both your warmth and professionalism, not an easy duo to mix. I hope that in the midst of the friction of the pressures of life, provincial money constraints and the over-whelming mixture of humanity that you will meet, that you will be able to retain your generosity of spirit and commitment.

If you ever need me to support any of the women for whom, you may again provide this procedure, I would be happy to have coffee with them and discuss what I have experienced.

I am your advocate, as you can already guess.


Hello Dr. Shenker,

I just wanted to share a compliment with you and your staff. I had my bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction done on January 31st this year. Last Saturday I was being fitted for a bra at a bra specialist boutique. In complimenting the results of my surgery the woman assisting me said, "that has to be the work of Dr. Shenker". I acknowledged and told her that I had my nipple tattoos done at your clinic as well. She looked literally shocked and said that she would never have guessed they were tattooed. This was from a woman who spends her days in the presence of breasts so I wanted to say thank you to your staff. It made me feel very good about my appearance!


Dr. Shenker & Staff,

I want to pass on my sincere appreciation and gratitude. I am very pleased with my results. This surgery has given me my life back! I continue to sing your praises!

Thanks again,

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Dr. Robert Shenker,

Thank you so much for all you have done. It was a pleasure to have met you and have been in your good care. God has lovingly brought me through this time of trouble and you have been an instrument in His solution for me. We continue to pray for you and your family, and your practice.


Many thanks to all of you for your expertise and kind & caring manner!


Dr. Shenker & Staff,

Often we forget to thank those people who go that little extra distance. You and your staff have been wonderful! *

Dr. Shenker,

Thank you so much for taking the time with each of my many visits, for explaining things thoroughly to me and for never ever making me feel rushed while speaking to you. Your personal touch and level of care is above and beyond. I hope as your practice grows that you continue to treat your patients they way I have been treated. Because it puts you in a league of your own!


Dr. Shenker,

Just a little token to say thanks. And some day, I will be telling my Great Grandchildren about the amazing Doctor, who helped save my life! You have a wonderful way with your patients and it means so much. I'll be thanking you for a long time.


Dear Rob,

Thank you very much for your T.L.C.


Dr. Shenker,

I want you to know how much I appreciate what you did for me at the Hand Clinic. My right wrist hand had caused me constant discomfort with some compromised function for at least two years. With that steroid injection you administered, you effectively erased the pain, restored the mobility and reduced that rock-hard lump on my wrist by a good 80%. It all cleared up so quickly that it is absolutely amazing! To have a pain free hand again is pure Heaven! Thank you so very much.

Most sincerely,

To: Dr. R. Shenker,

Just a note to thank you for the excellent care you have me during my surgery and follow-up care.

It was always a pleasure to come to you office and chat with you about your family, travels, etc. I appreciate the thoughtfulness in explaining the procedure in detail and reducing my apprehension prior to surgery. You made me feel at ease at all times – you have a great patient and Doctor relationship.

I wish you and your family well in all your undertakings.

Thank you again,

SPECIAL NOTE: The following is an excerpt from a letter from the Executive Director of Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation:

I am writing you today to inform you of a gift received from one of your patients, Mrs. B.M. Mrs. M. wanted you to know how much she appreciated your care. She has graciously donated a new hospital bed for the Palliative/Oncology unit. The bed is in room 557-Bed 2. We have attached the following plaque to the bed: DONATED BY B.M. IN RECOGNITION OF THE CARE PROVIDED BY DR. SHENKER & DR. GEDDES*

For you Dr. Shenker,

It means a lot to find a Doctor who is not only knowledgeable, but understanding as well. Thank you for your amazing work. I will always remember what you did for me. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.


Dear Dr. Shenker,

I addition to my being your patient... ...Beyond being personally reimbursed for your expertise, I truly value your ability. You exchange sincere warmth, and your confidence is reassuring. Instilling confidence is important to a patient, because, although we become educated in your workplace, personalizing an abstract surgical outcome may still result in "fear of the unknown". I hope that you never lose your humanenous, Dr. Shenker (for racing to the basement today to continue to treat your patient empathically...helps me imagine what a fine son, husband and father you must be.

Thanks again Dr. Shenker,
F. R.*

Dr. Shenker,

From start to finish your team has lead me through an amazing experience for which I could not thank you enough!

Thanks for giving me a new lease on life!

Dr. Shenker & Staff,

Thank you to all of you for fitting me in on such short notice and for treating me so compassionately. A special thank you to the staff who answered all of my many questions and helped put my mind at ease by talking about my upcoming honeymoon to Jamaica. Thank you for making it easier for me to smile on my wedding day!

Thanks and take care.

I am so impressed with the results of your laser treatments, that I have to spread the word.

I was extremely skeptical that a procedure, with no pain and a very short and extremely mild down time, could produce such a youth giving result.

Beyond the warm, caring attention by the professional expertise of the medical staff, this procedure is not only painless it is 'beyond fabulous results'.

For over 20 years, I have tried everything and anything to alleviate the extreme saggy bulges around my eyes, the huge pot holes in my cheeks and the deep crevice lines, here, there and everywhere. And these problems only got worse with age. I needed help.

After the first treatment, there was already the sighting of improvement. The treatment leaves your skin in a situation of time reversal. I have tried other similar treatments in other establishments, but the results were poor. Medical doctors just do not have the same skill or provide the exceptional results that a Plastic Surgeon can for cosmetic procedures. Of course, a Plastic Surgeon would not offer gadget type procedures, as this would be detrimental to their practice. Your safety and comfort are also of paramount importance. I am not the type of person that imagines results. Quite the opposite. I expect to see significant improvements before I become a believer.

After a few weeks post treatment for the second time, my closest friend, that was aware of my bulging skin dilemma, asked me if I had surgery to fix my under eye area. Needless to say that when I told her about my secret, she is now also having these treatments. Her results are astounding as well. My friend has a no pain tolerance and she can't wait for the next treatment. The qualified staff ensures complete comfort during this treatment. It is relaxing, because there is no discomfort and you know that those saggy, baggy features, lines and wrinkles, pot holes, and dark spots are being zapped away. Finally there is a remedy to battle the undesirable effects of problematic skin conditions and gravity.

I absolutely love to walk past and ignore all the expensive, promising skin creams in the stores, knowing that I no longer need to pay hundreds of dollars for products that do not work.

This is my treatment of choice and will continue to have them as each treatment brings another beautiful improvement. This is literally the lift your skin is looking for.

CD (56 years old, looking more like 42 after a few visits to The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic)*

Dear Dr. Shenker,

I'm writing to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me.

You seriously don't know how much you have changed my life. Before surgery, I disliked what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I hated what I saw, and had a very hard time believing my boyfriend when he called me 'Beautiful'. Now when I look in the mirror, I'm no longer disgusted at the reflection that is staring back at me, I see the woman I have had inside of me for so long. Before surgery, I also dealt with unbearable daily pain. Some days I wanted to just cut my breasts off myself, if that meant I would have less pain. I now have a lot less pain on a daily basis, and I am able to sit, a lot straighter, which also helps reduce my pain levels. It also was so very hard to have any motivation to workout, as I was always being hit in the face, and the size of my breasts just seems to weigh me down and cause more pain than it was worth. I now am able to work out like a normal human being, and am extremely motivated to continue to release the inner "Kristina" who has been hiding for all these years.

I'm sure you have gotten many letters of thanks for your amazing work, kind words, and knowledge of expertise but PLEASE take what I'm saying to heart and I honestly hope someday someone changes YOUR life as much as you have changed mine!!

Thank you Dr. Shenker, you're my saviour, I will be forever grateful for what you have done for me and my future. You truly have given me my life back, and for that I say THANK YOU!!


Dr. Shenker,

I'm writing this letter to serve two purposes. First, to let you know how grateful I am for this wonderful outcome and second, to offer my willingness to talk to other women who may undergo the reconstructive process with or without radiated skin.

In a disjointed and confusing medical system, where the patient's voice has become a whisper I am grateful that I found myself at your clinic. In our research, you name came up consistently as a surgeon of integrity, skillfulness, and capable of doing really good work. This information came from my family doctor who had previously seen your work. Your reputation remains intact with my experience and the reconstructive results.

What I appreciated the most about you is that you wanted success for me as badly as I wanted it for myself. You gave me confidence in the process. I felt that you had all issues of concern under control and my health was both of our main priority. You were conservative, yet optimistic, and realistic in your assessment. I appreciated the fact that from the beginning you told me that if I could live this way I should because the only thing without risks is no surgery. I was fully informed of the risks and chances of success regarding radiated skin. I was able to make an educated decision based on the information that you provided. It was both a physical and emotional roller coaster, but one worth taking. Thanks for seeing the potential for success, taking a chance, and for not making the decision for me by not attempting reconstruction. I also appreciated your accessibility. I felt that I could contact you with concerns or apprehension at any time. Having your home phone number was a nice reassurance and a real demonstration of how you see your surgical patients as individuals with concerns that may not coincide with your office hours.

Thanks for giving me back my quality of life. Today, I threw on a shirt I hadn't worn since the mastectomy and headed off to my office. It was so easy and I felt great. You are a fantastically gifted reconstructive surgeon Dr. Shenker. But, just as important, you are also a really nice guy. The combination of both these assets are gifts to those of us who require your expertise.


...and from Doctors training with Dr. Shenker I just wanted to send a little note thanking you all for a wonderful placement. You created an excellent learning environment and were all so much fun to learn from and be around. I hope that you continue to take students so that they may all be as lucky as I was; I learned so much and had such a great time. I hope you are all enjoying the new office, please send me pictures. Hopefully I will be able to stop in and say 'hi' one day.


Dr. Shenker is an excellent teacher in clerkship. He balances questions and explanations to create a positive, non-threatening work environment. His enthusiasm and passion for his job, and his respect he has for patients, nurses and students make him an excellent preceptor and role model.

McMaster Undergraduate Student*

Dr. Shenker & Staff,

wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to work with you over the Summer. I found it very motivational and educational. The time you all spent teaching was very much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you again in the future

J. O.*

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