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Breast lift vs. Breast Augmentation With Implants

“I want aesthetic surgery on my breasts, but I can’t decide between breast augmentation with implants, or a simple breast lift. What should I do?” This is a question I hear from patients at my Kitchener-Waterloo clinic all the time. They are unhappy with their breasts and are looking for a surgical solution. They’ve heard of breast lift surgery and breast implant surgery, but they’re not sure which option is the best for them. Here’s my approach to how we manage this often confusing question.   Are You Happy With Your Breast Size? The first question I always ask the … Continue reading »

Answering questions about composite breast augmentation.

Dr. Shenker explores this popular new procedure. The most popular cosmetic breast surgery procedure we’re doing at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic right now is a called a composite breast augmentation. (I wrote a blog post about it in 2017.) It’s a procedure that uses both a breast implant and the patient’s own fat to create a beautiful, natural, perfect breast. Because this procedure is a relatively new one and we are one of the only clinics doing it, we get a lot of questions about composite breast augmentation from the women we see in Waterloo from London, Guelph and throughout Southwestern Ontario. I … Continue reading »

Should Your Breast Implants Be Placed Under or Over the Chest Wall Muscle?

Dr. Robert Shenker takes us through the process of deciding if a patient’s breast implants should be placed under or over the muscle of their chest wall. Recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgery published the statistics showing the most common and sought-after cosmetic procedures of 2017. As has been the case for many years, the single most common procedure done in North America is breast augmentation, and it’s popular with women in the greater Waterloo and London, Ontario, areas too. It’s favoured because it works, it’s safe, and it makes patients happy! Despite its popularity, breast augmentation is not without … Continue reading »

The truth about breast augmentation recovery time.

Choosing to undergo breast augmentation—often referred to as a ‘boob job’—is a big decision, and the reasons our patients from London, Waterloo, Kitchener, and throughout Southwestern Ontario cite for choosing to do so are as diverse as the patients themselves. Perhaps they feel their breasts are too small, uneven, misshapen, or they’ve experienced changes after pregnancy or breastfeeding. Similarly, there are many reasons patients cite for choosing not to pursue breast augmentation. One of the most common? Recovery time. Don’t believe everything you’ve heard. Misunderstandings or misinformation about recovery time often hold women back from pursuing breast augmentation. Many have heard … Continue reading »

Revision breast augmentation surgery.

Working to create the best breast augmentation outcomes for our patients. When you flub a shot In golf, and tee it up again, you call it a “mulligan”. When we were 10-year-olds playing baseball, and would get another try after a swing and miss at strike three, we called it a “do-over”. In aesthetic breast surgery, we call it revision surgery. That’s the operation where a surgeon tries to fix a problem left over from one or more previous breast operations. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately; unhappy breast surgery patients from other institutions come to see me asking for … Continue reading »

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