Could Silhouette InstaLift ® Be Right For You?

Innovation is important to us

We’re always looking for new ways to innovate at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic; we want our patients to have access to the best treatments, with great results that meet their goals. We see so many patients with different concerns and goals coming through our clinic, so we’re also always looking for new solutions you’ll love. That’s why we’re so excited about this new treatment offering! 

What is Silhouette InstaLift® ?

Silhouette InstaLift® is a new, non-surgical treatment alternative for facial rejuvenation. It’s a new treatment in Canada and has been available since 2020, so we’re excited to be one of the first clinics to offer it to our patient community. This simple procedure lifts, smooths, and elevates the appearance of the face for a younger, refreshed appearance.

How does InstaLift® work?

During this procedure, our certified InstaLift experts use bioabsorbable , dissolving sutures and threads to lift, smooth and build natural collagen in the treated areas. If you have jowls or loose cheek skin, this procedure allows your practitioner to smooth and elevate skin for a more youthful, fresh appearance. Wishing you could smooth those deep folds on the sides of your nose? Worried about sagging skin? Instalift threads contain tiny cone shaped knots that grip onto the soft tissues to reposition skin in a more appealing way for a smoother, lifted appearance.

What does InstaLift® do?

During your treatment, your InstaLift® expert uses innovative Micro-Suspension Technology™ to immediately lift and volumize the troublesome areas. Targeted areas like sagging cheeks, laugh lines, jowls, and deep nasolabial folds are immediately lifted and elevated. Collagen production is triggered for release over time, naturally rebuilding skin density, volume, and fullness. The name says it all; it’s an instant lift.

Why choose InstaLift®?

Here’s why you might appreciate InstaLift.

A great alternative to a Facelift for those who aren’t candidates

We see many patients who are looking to get a facelift but can’t for a variety of reasons; some are on medications or blood thinners, and others have health issues that take surgical options off the table. In the past we’ve offered a boost of volume for a refreshed appearance with dermal fillers. But while fillers offer transforming results, they aren’t always the only  solution for a lift. InstaLift allows us to offer patients a non-surgical solution that lifts sagging skin and refreshes their appearance in a way that fillers and Botox alone cannot.

It’s cost-effective, with lower downtime and low risks

Surgical procedures come with necessary downtime and can have associated risks. InstaLift is an alternative that costs less and has a fast recovery  with visible, beautiful results. 

It’s quick

The procedure itself can take under an hour, so the time commitment of booking and recovering from  surgery isn’t needed and even those with busy schedules will be able to squeeze this procedure in. 

Micro-Suspension Technology™

InstaLift uses innovative Micro-Suspension Technology™ to address lost volume underneath the skin and sagging mid-facial skin on the surface. The combination of immediate lifting and long-term collagen boosting results make it a multi-faceted procedure with holistic aesthetic results. 

Can I combine InstaLift® with other treatments?

Yes! This is part of the reason we’re so excited to introduce this treatment to our clinic. InstaLift procedures can be part of a combination treatment plan. When you book your consultation, we’ll explore your goals and build a treatment plan that gets to the root of your concerns. InstaLift can be effective in combination with other treatments like neuromodulators, laser resurfacing, dermal fillers, and medical-grade skincare regimens.

How long does it last, and when will I see results?

InstaLift earned its name because results can be seen immediately following the procedure. The resulting lift lasts for up to two years, with sutures that dissolve naturally within that time frame. Beauty Nurse Majid demonstrates the Instalift on a patient

What is InstaLift® recovery like?

InstaLift results are visible immediately, so you’ll be able to see a lifting and smoothing result right after your treatment in the clinic. You’ll notice some swelling, tenderness, and may have bruising after the procedure while your sutures heal. This is normal and most symptoms dissipate within 48 hours. You won’t need to book weeks off work like you would with a surgical procedure, but based on the exertion needed for your job, you might want to schedule a few days off.

How much does InstaLift® cost?

The cost of treatment depends on your aesthetic goals, the areas being treated, and the nuances of your individual procedure. The best way to learn more about cost and payment plans is to book a consultation with us in Waterloo. We’d love to talk you through the treatment, examine your concerns, and build a customized strategy to give you the lift you’re looking for.

What else should I know about InstaLift® ?

This treatment is only performed by qualified, certified experts who have received extensive training and are familiar with the skill and technique used. 

Individual results will vary; depending on your goals, skin texture, and the way your own features naturally appear. Ask questions in your consultation and explore InstaLift resources online to get acquainted with this procedure and expected outcomes. 

When will InstaLift® be available in Waterloo?

Our team has received certification and training for InstaLift and we’re welcoming consultations for this treatment now. We’re honoured to be part of bringing this treatment to our Ontario clients and look forward to seeing all of your fabulous results.

Email or call us to book an appointment and let’s talk about whether InstaLift is right for you.


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