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Here’s How CoolSculpting® Really Works

How does CoolSculpting® work?

Have you ever noticed how that little pocket of fat along your lower tummy won’t go away, even with exercise? Or maybe you enjoy a healthy lifestyle but find that you still have excess fat on your upper arms. It can be frustrating to have these persistent pockets of fat, and CoolSculpting can help you get rid of them. CoolSculpting uses innovative fat freezing technology to get rid of those bulges of fat that just won’t budge, even with exercise. Let’s explore how CoolSculpting works to promote a smoother silhouette with each non-invasive treatment.

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What does CoolSculpting® do?

CoolSculpting combines innovative technology with the natural processes your body already has to eliminate unwanted fat.  During CoolSculpting treatment, we’ll use an applicator to apply controlled cooling to your fat cells. These fat cells are crystalized; when they die, they are naturally flushed away by the body’s lymphatic system. The remaining cells condense over time, and the treated area looks smoother and more trim than it did before the CoolSculpting treatment. This is a scientific process called cryolipolysis (the freezing of fat cells)

Why does CoolSculpting® work?

Your body has the wisdom to get rid of unwanted or dead fat cells, so once the cells are frozen your body’s natural processes take over. Fat is more sensitive to temperature than your skin or muscle is, so the controlled cooling used during CoolSculpting can be applied to the targeted area without damaging the surrounding skin or leaving a scar. 

What happens to my body after CoolSculpting® treatment?

 Following treatment at our Waterloo clinic, your body’s lymphatic system naturally moves out dead, frozen cells and leaves a smoother silhouette behind. Once you’ve been treated, your practitioner will massage the treated area to encourage circulation and help your body break up and move out the frozen fat cells. Multiple cycles of CoolSculpting are generally recommended for maximal results.

What areas does CoolSculpting® treat?

CoolSculpting treatment is focused on one part of the body at a time. Perhaps you’re concerned about excess fat on your inner or outer thighs, or love handles that won’t go away. You might want to target submental fat (the fat that causes a double chin). This treatment destroys fat cells using an applicator that targets fat in a specific area, which can include your abdomen, thighs, neck, upper arms, or back. If you’re looking to treat multiple areas with CoolSculpting treatment, we can build a custom plan during your consultation. 

Why do I need a CoolSculpting® consultation?

Your consultation lets us assess whether you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting. During your consultation, we’ll verify that this is the right treatment to meet your goals and examine the targeted area to build a treatment plan that effectively treats your fat. CoolSculpting isn’t the right fit for everyone; so if you have goals that exceed what CoolSculpting can offer we might suggest exploring surgical options like a tummy tuck or liposuction.

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough fat to effectively treat with CoolSculpting, we’ll be transparent about that as well. We’ll never recommend a treatment unless we feel confident in its ability to positively change your life. We want to ensure that every patient of ours walks away delighted with the experience and the results they have. That’s why we make sure you’re choosing the right treatment first!

Does CoolSculpting® require surgery?

No, CoolSculpting is non-invasive. There are no needles, injections, or incisions required. Cooling technology and suction work in tandem during the treatment. The applicator used looks a bit like the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner or a narrow hair dryer. During treatment it’s applied to your skin.

Do I need to book off a day of work for CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting doesn’t require downtime, so you don’t need to book off a whole day. Come by for your appointment at our Kitchener, Waterloo clinic and continue with your day afterwards. Most people don’t require downtime, but this is a personal choice and depends on how you feel following treatment. You may experience some numbness, stinging, or some discomfort in the treated area following CoolSculpting treatment.

What does CoolSculpting® feel like? Does it hurt?

As you’d likely expect, CoolSculpting feels – cold! You’ll likely notice how chilly the area feels when the applicator first touches your skin. You may feel tugging, aching, pulling, or cramping before your skin grows numb as you’re getting used to the treatment. As the skin grows numb, you’ll be more comfortable and won’t notice these sensations in the same way. 

Most patients are comfortable enough to watch a show, scroll through Instagram, or plan the rest of their day. Your comfort is incredibly important to us, so we’ll make sure you know exactly what to expect in your initial consultation and walk you through every step of the process. There are some rare side effects which will also be outlined during your consultation and on the CoolSculpting website –– which also has more insights, tips, and outlines how the treatment works. 

When will I see CoolSculpting® results?

Most patients see full results between 3 weeks and 6 months following treatment, but it depends on the area you’ve treated and the size of the targeted treatment area. Your body is unique, so the way in which it moves out the frozen fat cells is dependent on how you respond to the treatment. Multiple cycles can help optimize results and target fat persistently.

What do CoolSculpting® results look like?

You are unique, so your results will be too. We do our part to make sure that you’re a perfect candidate for CoolSculpting before we recommend this treatment, which helps maximize your results. 

Here’s a great example of a successful CoolSculpting result. The 36-year-old woman (shown below) was unhappy with the shape of the fat on her lower back, sides, and tummy. Notice the reduction in her love handles following treatment. You can explore more CoolSculpting results in our Before and After gallery.

Before and after results of coolsculpting

Is CoolSculpting® right for me?

CoolSculpting is ideal for people who maintain a weight that is healthy for their body type and are already living a healthy lifestyle. The bulges of fat that this treatment targets should also be substantial enough to make CoolSculpting effective. During your consultation, your CoolSculpting technician will help establish whether CoolSculpting is the right treatment for you. Ask your medical practitioner if this treatment is a good fit for you based on your unique medical history. Overall, this treatment is effective for smaller areas of fat and isn’t a solution for obesity or larger areas of fat. 

What are the benefits of CoolSculpting® treatment?

The best endorsement for a treatment is always word of mouth. That’s why we love having patients come into our Waterloo clinic saying they saw and loved a friend’s results. Want to learn more about the benefits? Check out our blog on CoolSculpting benefits like zero downtime, no scarring, long-lasting results, and more.

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