How Does CoolSculpting® Work?

Everyone deals with pockets of fat that won’t go away. No matter how healthy you are or how much you exercise, you likely know the frustration that comes from those pockets of stubborn fat that just won’t budge. Some areas are harder to target with exercise.

That’s why CoolSculpting is popular with Kitchener, Guelph, and London, Ontario, men and women. This innovative treatment at our Waterloo clinic lets your practitioner target stubborn fat with no downtime, almost anywhere on the body.

How does CoolSculpting freeze fat?

It’s great to understand the science behind the treatments you’re considering; CoolSculpting works by combining the natural processes of your body with innovative technology to eliminate fat.

During CoolSculpting treatment, the applicator allows for the controlled cooling of fat cells. These fat cells are crystalized, and when they die, they are naturally flushed away by the body. The remaining cells condense over time, and the treated area looks smoother and more trim than it did before the CoolSculpting treatment.

Fat is more sensitive to temperature than your skin, so the controlled cooling used during CoolSculpting can be applied to the targeted area without damaging the surrounding skin or leaving a scar. You can read more about CoolSculpting’s benefits in our related blog post.

Because it’s a quick, effective treatment that doesn’t require surgery, it’s easy to fit into a busy schedule with no downtime needed.

Does fat freezing actually work?

The 36-year-old woman (shown below) was unhappy with the shape of the fat on her lower back, sides, and tummy. She couldn’t get it to shrink, even with a healthy diet and exercise. Each CoolSculpting result is different and unique to you, but this is a great example of how CoolSculpting can smooth and contour problem areas effectively. You can see more CoolSculpting before and after pictures in our gallery.

One of our patients before and after CoolSculpting showing that her love handles and tummy have subsided after treatment.

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