BBL Forever Young Photorejuvenation in Waterloo.

Bright skin for a bright new year.

Forever Young BBL

If you’re ready to give your skin a fresh start in the year ahead, a series of photorejuvenation treatments are the best way to attain luminous, radiant and biologically younger skin. At the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we work with the Forever Young BBL technology which has been clinically proven to correct DNA damage that occurs from environmental stressors such as sun exposure, pollution and natural aging changes.

A series of 4-6 treatments done every 3-4 weeks can:

  • Fade brown spots and skin discolouration
  • Reduce facial redness
  • Improve skin texture and diminish fine lines

The BBL Forever Young technology works by emitting pulses of light and heat energy into the skin. This heat energy targets the pigment in dark spots and the hemoglobin in dilated vessels. The targeted cells absorb the heat energy and are eliminated.

  • Dark spots become darker and rise to the skin’s surface to be sloughed away.
  • Blood vessels may become blurred and disappear, or become reddened or purple; over a period of several days they are absorbed and removed by the body.

After just a few sessions, the skin tone becomes clearer and more radiant. Additionally, the expression of genes associated with aging, longevity, and increased lifespan are activated, thereby rejuvenating the skin’s natural biological functions.

If you’re ready to shine bright this new year, contact us to book your BBL Forever Young BBL series today.



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