Meet Sarah!

Introducing Sarah!

Our newest Medical Aesthetician is passionate about beautiful results.

Image of Laser Technician Sarah

Our team at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is passionate about bringing you the best possible care in a welcoming, warm environment. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Sarah, our newest Medical Aesthetician!

Hi Sarah!

Q: What brought you to the world of medical aesthetics?

I actually began my career in spa aesthetics, but I felt I wasn’t being challenged enough and wanted to do more than just give facials that provided relaxation without real results for my clients. So I was excited when an opportunity came up to work with a Family Physician in Guelph who was willing to train me in all the subtleties of aesthetic lasers and skincare. I worked alongside that doctor for seven years where I learned about Sciton Laser Technology and a multitude of other treatment modalities and products. I am so happy that I can continue to use the newest and best of the Sciton lasers here at the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.

Q: What part of your work are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about developing long lasting patient relationships and fulfilling their desired outcomes. It is incredibly satisfying when you can change how someone feels about themselves by changing the way they feel about their skin!

Q: What do you love to do on weekends?

Spending time with family, my friends and my dog and cat.

Q: What are your hobbies?

I love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, fishing and camping. I also enjoy DIY projects, like refinishing my own furniture. 

Q: What professional roles have you held in the past?

Aside from being a Medical Aesthetician, I have managed large clinics, trained on laser/skincare products, and I was an educator for Glo Minerals, which is a great makeup line that I still get to use here at the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. I have also comprehensively trained and assisted doctors with injectable procedures and created treatment plans for a wide variety of non-surgical procedures.

What do you love about lasers?

I specifically LOVE the Sciton platform (including the Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser and Forever Young BBL™ Photo-Rejuvenation) – it’s a multimodality laser system that is extremely effective for treating a wide range of skin concerns and conditions. It’s a powerful, safe, effective and efficient system. 

Walk us through what a consultation with you would look like? 

Sarah I ask patients to bring their skincare and make-up with them to the consultation so they can walk me through what their everyday routine is like. In our appointment, I ask them why they’ve come in, and hand them a mirror so they can show me areas of concern. Once I’ve heard their thoughts and questions, I discuss product and treatment options available. I always ask patients what their ideal skin would look like following treatment.

Essentially I like to know all the details of what would make them happy so we can determine if they have realistic expectations. If my clients choose to purchase skincare, I show them how to use the product properly and review with them, asking them to walk me through their new routine. If they are interested in a procedure, I cover the procedure in detail so they feel completely confident – discussing expectations during and after treatment, and what the expected outcome is.

One of my favourite parts of working at the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is that our medical director, Dr. Shenker, is always in the building and available to review patients with me. Sometimes a patient comes in expecting to have a laser treatment, but their best option is actually surgery. And the opposite happens as well. Sometimes patient sees Dr. Shenker for what they thought would be a minor surgery procedure, but he will hand the patient over to me if a laser treatment would be more effective. That’s a pretty unique situation and it’s great that our patients have that option.

What is one thing you wish all patients knew?

A person’s skin is their largest organ and they need to carefully consider their options before moving forward. Education is key!

Laser technician Sarah with her laser machine

What is one thing you wish all patients would do?

Avoid the hype and stay away from fad products and at-home treatments.

What is your favourite product? 

That’s too hard to answer – I love many products as they do different things. I do love our ZO line!

What is your favourite treatment?

This is another hard one to answer because it depends on what result I am looking to achieve. I think chemical peels are a great little skin pick me up but I also love BBL to address discolouration.

Why were you excited to join the team at the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic?

I would LOVE to answer that question! After working in the industry for as long as I’ve been, you really get a feel for how clinics operate and the people involved in the operation of the clinic. This happens from the moment you walk into a clinic setting.

I knew from my interview that this clinic operates and conducts itself on a level that is rarely seen. I love that we are patient-centric and that everyone understands that even the little details can drastically change how someone feels about themselves and the experience that they’ve had walking through our clinic doors.

Sarah and Natalie

Dr. Shenker is one of the most approachable, caring, kind and understanding surgeons I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. The staff here really do care about each and every single patient that walks through our doors.

I am happy to be a part of a team that has the same core values that I have! I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work within these walls.


We are so glad to have Sarah join our team! Contact us today to book a consultation with our team and make your aesthetic goals a reality.




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