Does a skincare routine really matter?

Take these easy tips for your best skin ever. 

We know that when life gets busy, sometimes your skincare routine takes a backseat. It might seem easier to buy inexpensive products or skip moisturizing when your schedule is full. But here’s some great advice on building a trusted skincare routine and why the skincare you use really matters! 

Choosing the right products can save your skin.
We know it’s hard to know which products to choose in a saturated skincare market, but we’ve done our research. By choosing medical-grade skincare products, you’ll know that what you’re buying actually works. At The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, our chosen product lines are formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients that result in not only consistent and visible skin improvement over time, but also long-term support for the skin as it ages. Seemingly inexpensive drugstore products can have lofty claims, but the ingredient list often has concentrations of active ingredients that are too low to be truly effective. Our Beauty Nurse®team will work with you to develop the best possible routine to help you achieve optimum skin health, results, and brilliance over time with products that are proven to work.

If your skincare routine is smart now, you’ll save later! 
We understand that following a skincare routine can be hard, whether it’s lack of motivation to follow the steps before bed or lack of access to products that are truly effective, there are a lot of barriers. By working with our team to create a skincare routine that you will habitually follow for the rest of your life, you’re investing in your skin’s future by mitigating the need for expensive treatments or procedures later on. Why not take time to understand your skin now? 

First, get to know your skin. 
Keep a skincare journal or do a daily check to observe what your skin is trying to tell you. Many people develop a skincare routine based on outdated assumptions about their skin, or what they learn from friends or celebrities. For example, if you had oily skin in high school and struggled with acne, you might choose oil-fighting products that actually end up stripping your skin. You may actually have excess oil because of the products you’re using, or you may need a skincare routine where every step addresses a different concern. Skin profiles are complicated just like people, and our team will help you decipher yours. 

Build a skincare routine with the experts.
Because of the nuance and complexity of understanding your skin, it’s smart to formulate your perfect skincare routine with a professional! Come meet our Beauty Nurse® team to develop an at-home skincare regimen based on your unique needs, concerns, and cosmetic goals. We have multiple tools, including the VISIA® Complexion Analysis, that can help us understand your skin on a deeper level. The first step in the development of a personalized skincare routine is to find out what your skin’s history is, and then to determine what your skin needs right now. The VISIA® system’s multi-spectral imaging and analysis provide a clear, multi-dimensional portrait of the individual aspects of your complexion. The VISIA® Complexion Analysis gives us a clear picture of your skin health that includes:  

  • The type of skin damage you have developed 
  • Where fine lines may show up 
  • Where you may want to focus treatments based on your skin history 

This information helps us understand your skin’s needs, so we can help you build a routine that you can lean on trusting the steps to heal, renew, and protect your skin. 

Invest in products wisely.
We understand that skincare can be an investment, so our team will work closely with your budget and needs to make sure you have the right pieces for you. At The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we have chosen to carry products that we not only love and have seen great results with, but those that stem from a wide variety of skincare brands so we are able to pick and choose according to what works best for your unique skin. A few of our favourite lines include:

ZO® Skin Health 
These scientifically formulated products benefit the skin at the cellular level. ZO Skin Health was designed by Dr. Zein Obagi to bridge the gap between therapeutic office treatments, like the ZO Controlled Depth Peel, and a daily skincare regimen, to help people of all ages and ethnicities with a range of skin conditions develop and maintain beautiful, healthy skin. 

These high-quality mineral sunscreens and anti-aging products are named for “titanium zinc oxide,” the superior UVA/UVB protection they contain. All are free from harmful chemicals, dyes, fragrances, and PABA. Ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin, TiZO products contain antioxidants and mineral performance ingredients that reduce hyperpigmentation and brown spots while renewing the skin’s radiance. 

Inspired by patients seeking healthier skin, SkinMedica was developed with the vision to slow the aging process and unlock your skin’s full potential by correcting the damage done. The line is renowned for its trademarked TNS technology – Tissue Nutrient Solution – a revolutionary agedefense science, which introduced the first effective use of topical growth factors and pioneered an entire category of skincare. You can expect significant research and transformative results from this line.  

More recommendations from our Beauty Nurse® team are discussed in this earlier blog post. 

Adapt your skincare routine with life’s changes.
Finally, don’t forget to reassess. Like any routine, your skincare routine may need to change based on the lifestyle changes you’ve experienced. Immediate environment, pregnancy, aging, stress, hormone fluctuations, and schedule can all affect how your skin reacts, including how much oil it produces. By making note of changes, pausing to reflect on the results of a new product, and being persistent about the products you’re using, you can feel good about the future of your skin. By having regular check-ins with our Beauty Nurse® team we can also see what’s working together,and modify based on your needs.

Get your beauty sleep!
Got a lot on the go? Protecting time to sleep not only helps you feel ready for whatever life throws at you, but it also keeps your skin from aging quickly. Try the enVy® pillow; it’s a great addition to a strong skincare plan; it helps you get a great sleep while preventing the lines and wrinkles that naturally form when you sleep on other pillows! 

We’d love to help you create a skincare routine that suits your lifestyle and completely rejuvenates your skin every day. Come meet with our Beauty Nurse® team and explore our product lines! 

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