Is mineral makeup really better for your skin?

In a word, yes. But it’s our job to explain to our patients in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and throughout South-western Ontario exactly why they should be opting for a mineral cosmetic brand over a traditional makeup brand for the health and beauty of their skin.

Consider the investment of time and money you’re making in your skin when you opt for cosmetic surgery, non-invasive rejuvenating treatments and medical grade skincare: Why would you pay any less attention to the make-up you put on your rejuvenated face? The quality of the ingredients in your makeup has a significant impact on the successful maintenance of your results. Using products that don’t enhance skin health is akin to eating only fast-food after liposuction. Okay – so perhaps we’re being a little dramatic, but we have seen the impact that space-fillers, artificial dyes and comedogenic ingredients in makeup can have on the skin, and it’s not ideal (think blackheads, breakouts and flaking).

This is why The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is proud to offer its patients glo minerals. This medical grade cosmetic mineral make-up line is so beneficial for the skin it can even be used immediately after laser resurfacing to conceal redness.

What are the key benefits of glo minerals and cosmetic minerals in general?


  • Non-comedogenic – meaning there are no occlusive ingredients that can lead to congested pores. Some of the aforementioned culprits in traditional makeup include artificial dyes, fragrance and fillers.
  • A little goes a long way – mineral cosmetics tend to be highly concentrated with mineral pigment. Unlike traditional foundation formulas, they do not contain pigment-diluting fillers that force one to layer and fuss in order to obtain satisfactory coverage. You’ll be amazed at how little product you need to apply to cover a blemish or uneven tone. The product can be layered for light, medium or full coverage as desired, providing a flawless yet natural-looking outcome.
  • Versatility – glo mineral line foundation bases come in a variety of applications such as loose powder, pressed powder and liquid to suit your skin type and personal preference.
  • Anti-inflammatory – one of the main ingredients in mineral cosmetics is titanium dioxide. This mineral is anti-inflammatory and provides physical sun protection. Additionally, glo minerals formulations include a cocktail of plant-based antioxidants to provide an anti-aging element to your makeup.
  • glo minerals cosmetics are paraben free.

Next generation mineral makeup.

If the idea of mineral makeup brings dull, washed-out colours and powdery finishes to mind, the rich colour palette and beautiful finish provided by glo minerals will change your mind.

Are you ready to enhance the health and beauty of your skin and have fun with your everyday look? The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic invites you to visit us for a skincare consultation. Our staff of skin experts will assist you in establishing your ideal glo minerals routine. Request an appointment today.

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