Key preventative treatments for younger skin.

There are certain simple pleasures in life, like wine and cheese, which get better with age. Can your skin be viewed in the same way? We think so! The secret to great skin lies in setting realistic goals and making a consistent effort to take care of your body’s largest organ. We’re often confronted with the pressure to re-capture our youth, which is not a realistic goal. The desire to freeze-frame our face at 25 can result in cosmetic ‘work’ that looks unnatural. In this article we share the key preventative treatments that will help patients in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and throughout Southwestern Ontario achieve a balanced approach to achieving naturally beautiful skin at every age.

Resurfacing treatments for pristine pores and HD-worthy smoothness.

The texture of our skin plays a big part in how youthful it appears to be. Young skin renews itself effortlessly – that is why it looks vibrant and feels smooth and soft. As we age the renewal process slows down and dead skin builds up on the surface, which contributes to fine lines, flakiness and enlarged pores. When the skin is in this state, it looks dull and feels rough and bumpy. One of the simplest ways to prevent this skin condition is by receiving a professional resurfacing treatment such as SilkPeel® microdermabrasion once a month. This unique microdermabrasion technology infuses concentrated serums customized to your skin condition to reveal incredibly smooth and replenished skin.

Light and laser treatments to tighten and brighten.

To undo the progressive signs of sun damage in the skin such as laxity and unevenness of tone, a series of IPL Photorejuvenation and skin tightening treatments are essential. These treatments will clarify the skin tone by reducing brown spots and redness and will also activate collagen synthesis for redefined facial contours.

Keeping it together at home.

Establishing an anti-aging plan as outlined above is key to achieving results; however, effective at-home maintenance fills in the blanks. A dedicated daily skincare routine will protect the investment you make in your cosmetic procedures and maintain the results. The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has hand-picked the very best in medical-grade skincare products to complement and enhance the outcomes of your in-office treatments. Our patients receive a VISIA® Complexion Analysis which establishes a regimen that is uniquely and precisely suited to their skin.

Committing to these key preventative treatments will give your skin a youthful quality that looks harmonious, natural and youthful. Our staff of plastic surgeons, cosmetic nurses and skin care experts can help you create a sustainable long-term plan that fits your lifestyle. Look your best today and beyond – contact us today to request a consultation.

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