Are you prepared for your tummy tuck recovery? Here’s everything you need to know!

When you decided to get a tummy tuck in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, you likely did your research—you picked your clinic and your surgeon carefully, and you spent time figuring out exactly what to expect before, during and after your tummy tuck.  Now that you made the right choice, we want you to feel confident about every stage of the surgical process, and that includes your recovery as well.

Here are some useful insights on tummy tuck recovery to make this experience comfortable, effective, and as quick as possible for you. 

What can I do to make recovery more comfortable?

Surround yourself with the right people. Having a helpful, trusted, responsible person with you for the first 24 hours is critical. You are going to need the help. Healthy snacks are also a must. We strongly encourage a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables and proteins. Staying hydrated up until the day of surgery is also a benefit when it comes to recovery. You’ll want to have items that are easy to prepare when you get hungry, so keep this in mind when you are grocery shopping. Pre-made meals that you can simply heat up and eat will be helpful, as well as keeping meals and snacks on lower levels of the fridge or counter to avoid having to reach up. Try to avoid foods that are high in sodium and make sure you have a variety of fluids to help you stay hydrated throughout your recovery process.

What about a compression garment after a tummy tuck?

Choosing your recovery garments is an important factor following surgery. The right compression garment can help control swelling and provide compression, ultimately leading to a speedy recovery process. Our team will provide you with a garment that will meet your individual needs following surgery. We understand that some patients find the compression garments bulky, but we can’t stress enough how wearing them helps with healing and keeps you as comfortable as possible.

Angela and Patti, Surgical Staff at TCSCAre there any additional compression garments I may require for my surgery?

Yes!  Our surgical team provides you with T.E.D.™ anti-embolism stockings which will help reduce your chance of developing a blood clot in your legs and minimize swelling in your legs following surgery. These compression stockings are a great precautionary measure. After surgery, you will wear them for two weeks. Make sure to take them off to shower but remember to put them back on after you’ve dried off. Be sure to use them regularly to help with the swelling.

Does The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic do drainless tummy tucks?

At The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we build a personalized surgical and recovery plan for every patient based on their unique needs and the specifics of their surgical procedure. We perform drainless tummy tucks the vast majority of the time. (Dr. Shenker explains why in a separate blog post.) Using a drain is extremely rare for us, but not impossible. We are happy to discuss this option in more detail during your consultation.

Are staples used in tummy tuck surgery? 

There your surgeon may use either stitches or staples to close your surgical incision. The type of closure used will depend on your unique needs and your surgeon’s judgement. Regardless of what type of closure is used, our team will closely follow your recovery process with routine follow-ups to ensure you heal beautifully.

What sets The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic apart when it comes to tummy tuck surgery?

First of all, Drs. Shenker and Ma consider the whole torso when they plan a tummy tuck.  It’s never just about “the bulge” or “the skin flap” or “Dr. Shenker & Dr. Ma, Surgeons at TCSCthe pouch” or “the C-section scar”.  It’s about the entire torso from the rib cage to the pubic hairline and from love handle to love handle. The whole torso is one important aesthetic unit. 

The way that The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic manages patient comfort before, after, and during surgery is truly innovative and beyond what many clinics integrate into their surgical technique. The medications we use are selected to maximize comfort and minimize side effects (Read more about our approach to managing post-surgical comfort here). We also provide an in-depth anesthetic consultation either before or on the day of your surgery to alleviate any concerns. Our incredible staff is here to support you before, during and after surgery. You will get a phone call from Dr. Shenker or Dr. Ma when you get home to make sure all is well. We carefully consider your medical history in consultation, which will allow us to build a unique surgical plan that will help with your surgical journey at TCSC.

Book a consultation today! We are here to answer questions and explore the possibilities for your tummy tuck. Let’s make your goals a reality! We encourage you to look through our online photo gallery of tummy tuck results for inspiration.

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