Back to Mom.

Motherhood is a priceless gift. But can we have our bodies back please? Forget “Back to School” – it’s time to get Back to Mom. With fall routines on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your cosmetic goals. The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has designed the ideal Mommy Makeover package to help Moms in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and throughout Southern Ontario get their pre-baby body back. Here are some of the options to consider.

Non-surgical fat reduction.

CoolSculpting® is a premier body contouring device that The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic launched this summer. This innovative technology uses Cryolipolysis® (ie: cold energy delivered to the targeted fat cells) to eliminate fat.

You can nap or catch up on that book you never have time to read while you sit and relax while the fat disappears! Coolsculpting® can be used on a variety of “trouble zones” that are resistant to efforts with diet and exercise. Muffin tops, upper back bra fat, inner thighs and saddlebags are just a few of the possible areas that can be addressed for a sleeker figure. And for busy Moms, this no-downtime procedure means you can get back to your usual routines pronto. Contact us to learn if Coolsculpting® is right for you.

The surgical post-baby saviours.

The changes that occur to the breasts during pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding can have a negative impact on the firmness and volume of the breasts. In order to recapture (or, dare we say, improve on) your pre-baby breasts, breast lift and breast augmentation surgeries can restore their volume, tautness and perkiness. Depending on the aesthetic result you are looking for, these procedures can be done alone or in combination. The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic welcomes you to book a consultation with one of our talented surgeons to discuss all of your options.

If the elasticity of the skin of the stomach has become loose and stretched, no amount of crunches or dieting will help. This is where a tummy tuck comes into the picture. During the surgical procedure, the excess loose skin is trimmed away, the muscles are tightened and repositioned and liposuction is employed to remove excess fat as needed in order to achieve a smooth and taut tummy. In the case where stretch marks are present on the skin, their visibility may be reduced with the removal of excess skin. Your abdomen will be restored to a tight and toned state.

The first and most important step to a Mommy Makeover.

Finding a certified plastic surgeon that you trust is the most important step when you decide to have surgery. Your chosen surgeon should be highly qualified, experienced and ultimately committed to being by your side every step of the way on your cosmetic journey. Nurturing trust in our patients and providing this level of service is a point of pride for us at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.

While the initial healing from surgery takes place over a period of weeks and months, the improvements that are realized with a breast lift, breast augmentation and/or a tummy tuck have yet to be matched by non-invasive methods. So Moms, if you’re ready to get your body back, we welcome you to book a consultation with us. Request an appointment online today.

Meet Our Surgeons

The talented, experienced plastic surgeons at our Kitchener-Waterloo clinic have the advanced training to create exceptional, natural-looking results that meet the individual needs of our patients. The collaborative nature of our practice benefits patients in many ways.

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