Skin Diaries Part 2: Lovely Lips!

Welcome to Part 2 of our new Skin Diaries Series.

We’re exploring unique skin stories with our new blog series.

The nuances of each patient’s skin are as personal and unique as the page of a diary. The different factors that affect how your skin ages, changes, and transforms are as singular as a snowflake. That’s why we’ve created the Skin Diaries series –– to use specific cases to demonstrate how a personalized treatment plan can transform your skin. Step inside some of our patient’s personal stories to see how treatments or procedures addressed their unique needs to rejuvenate their appearance in a way that met their goals. 


Please note that any patients mentioned or shown in the skin series kindly allowed us to use and share their images. The stories we’ll share in our skin diaries series are from happy patients who felt great about sharing their results with our client community, for learning opportunities like this.

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.


The case

This 29-year-old woman came to us wanting to enhance her lips with a fuller appearance. 

a woman's lips are shown from the side and the front. They are noticeably fuller and lifted in the "after" photos following treatment.

The cause of the concern

Thin lips can be a hereditary trait you’re born with, but for many of us thinning lips are a sign of natural aging as collagen formation naturally slows down and signs of damage appear. If you’re a smoker or have had prolonged exposure to the sun, these factors can also prematurely age your lips or make lines more visible. 

The personalized treatment plan

Our skilled injectors used non-surgical injectables to augment the lips for a beautiful, full result. Lip fillers can fill out the appearance of the lips, while also smoothing lines and wrinkles. This patient still looks like herself, but her lips are more full and supple with a more youthful appearance. We would have also recommended regular sunscreen use and a lip balm with SPF to reduce further signs of aging. Staying hydrated, avoiding cigarettes, and keeping skin moisturized is also important for skin and lip health.

Here’s why it worked 

We’re passionate about injections with subtle, natural results. So if you’re looking for fake duck lips, you’ve chosen the wrong place! We work with each patient to build an injectable plan that suits the natural symmetry, beauty, and balance of their face and their lips. Our injectors have decades of experience and a track record of happy, returning patients who rely on us for injectables that enhance natural beauty with gorgeous results. That’s why this patient succeeded in enjoying a result that’s balanced and beautiful.


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