The Top 5 Sunscreen Tips From our Instagram Live

Make sun protection a habit.

It can feel like a hassle to take time for sun protection when you’re ready to go and enjoy a day at the lake, or if you’re heading to work. But by making sunscreen application a habit and setting yourself up for success, sun protection can fit easily into a busy, fun, summer lifestyle. By protecting your skin from the sun, you’re minimizing your risk of skin cancer but you’re also preserving the beauty and youthfulness of your skin. You’ll also never have to deal with the after effects of a sunburn again! Let’s explore sun protection.

The top 5 sun protection tips from our Instagram Live

A photograph of a woman with the sun on her shoulders with her back to the camera by the water.Did you catch our most recent Instagram Live with Dr Shenker and Beauty Nurse Natalie? Our favourite part of these Instagram Live sessions is giving our patients a chance to ask questions and get an expert perspective on all things skincare, surgical, and more. Several patients asked questions about sunscreen application, recommendations, and tips in this last Q+A. The insights were so useful that we’ve put some of them together here to review. Make this summer fun and enjoy the sun without worrying about your skin with these sun protection tips!



  1. Choose a sunscreen that keeps its promises.

Natalie showcased one of our bestsellers on the IG Live; TIZO® Ultra Zinc Body & Face Sunscreen. It’s a moisturizing mineral sunscreen that’s great for all skin types. You’ll want to choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection. Dr. Shenker shared an anecdote from his lifeguarding days in his teens in our most recent Q&A–when sunscreen was just different tins of zinc that looked bright white when applied! Our sunscreens are a great leap forward from those days; TIZO sunscreens have a light matte finish that doesn’t look greasy or white.

  1. Smart sunscreen application matters.

Natalie gave us some useful intel on sunscreen application. She recommends a high SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen. If you have a face sunscreen, apply it liberally to the face, neck and chest area. Don’t forget about times that seem low-risk, like when you’re driving somewhere with the windows closed. A lot of the sun damage we see is accumulated while in the car or on a cloudy day. That’s why it’s so important to make sun protection a habit.


  1. Apply generously, especially on delicate areas like the chest or neck.

The skin on the chest area is thin and burns easily, often showing signs of aging before other parts of the body. Natalie reminded us about the importance of consistent, generous sunscreen application on the neck, chest, and backs of our hands where skin damage often shows up most prevalently. 

  1. Set yourself up for success!

You know what Dr. Shenker recommends? Keep little bottles of sunscreen in different places so that you’re reminded to apply. He always has a bottle in the car, at the office, even in the garage next to his baseball gloves. This way you’re covered if you forget, and seeing the sunscreen pop up will remind you to reapply all summer long. Similarly, keep a hat and a light, long-sleeved shirt in your car in case you decide to go on a walk or a hike you didn’t plan for. 


  1. Book a consultation.

If you’re noticing sun damage, we have innovative laser solutions that you may have seen us discuss on Instagram. If you’re looking to treat signs of sun damage like sun spots, wrinkles, lines, folds, or aging skin, we’re here to help create innovative solutions for you. If you’re looking for skincare recommendations or great sunscreen, shop our online ecommerce store for sunscreens that come through for you and protect your skin with staying power.


We wish you a sun-safe, fun-filled summer ahead.

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