Get To Know Aesthetic Nurse Injector Majid!

This month, Dr. Shenker writes about our Aesthetic Nurse Injector Majid!

Get to know Majid, and learn about why he’s so beloved by our cosmetic surgery staff as well as our dermal fillers and BOTOX COSMETIC® patients from Waterloo, Kitchener, and London, Ontario.

Have you ever had the unusual experience of meeting someone for the first time and feeling like you have known them forever? I have.



How did Majid become our aesthetic nurse injector?

I first met Majid, the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic’s injectables specialist and Beauty Nurse®, back in the early autumn of 2017. We had our first job interview at a local coffee shop near my house. I was skeptical.  The world of cosmetic nurse injectors in southwestern Ontario is a small one, and although I am well connected to that world, I had never heard of him. I was not optimistic. 

We met, shook hands, ordered coffees, and sat down. Within the first 2 minutes of our meeting, I not only knew I would invite Majid to join our team, but I felt like I had been his dear friend for years. With his impish grin and warm personality, Majid radiates a genuine, honest kindness and sincerity that is often hard to find in people these days.

Those of you who have worked with Majid at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic will likely have already experienced his charm and grace. Those of you who have yet to meet him will no doubt feel it too. That’s just the kind of human being Majid is.

The qualities that make up a qualified aesthetic nurse injector  and the qualities that make up the perfect member of the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Beauty Nurse® team are related, but not identical. To be an Aesthetic Nurse Injector, one has to possess a valid nursing license, a steady hand, a decent clinical eye,and a working knowledge of the products on the market. There are a good number of those types of Aesthetic Nurse Injectors around.

But to be a part of the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Beauty Nurse® team, a Nurse Injector has to possess all the qualities listed above, and a whole lot more.

Majid Has Superb Clinical Skills

To work with us at the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic on the Beauty Nurse® team, Majid has to be at the top of his game. That means he has to master not only the more routine injectable procedures but the challenging, technically difficult ones as well. Like what? Some techniques such as tear troughs (lower eyelid “bags”) and non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose job) are considered higher-level techniques that many injectors don’t do.

Lower eyelid bag treatments

To make tear trough injections work, a detailed understanding of eyelid anatomy and function is needed. That’s why Majid spends time with me in the operating room when I perform lower lid blepharoplasty procedures. It’s a great way to improve Majid’s ability to try to reproduce a surgical result with only a syringe or two of dermal fillers.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

The story is similar for non-surgical rhinoplasty using filler. That procedure is a highly specialized one, requiring the highest level of skill and expertise. Have a look at Majid’s non-surgical rhinoplasty before-and-after photos, and you’ll see that he has mastered these techniques.

Special revision cases

Majid and I also take on many revision cases that come to us from other facilities with infections, over-injection, or when poorly placed filler treatments have been done. Many clinics won’t see these difficult cases, because they are challenging to fix and often frustrating to manage. Majid manages them routinely with skill and brilliance.

How does Majid know so much about these routine and advanced procedures? It’s because he stays on top of the latest ideas, procedures, and innovations by attending meetings, participating in webinars, and reading the stacks and stacks of journal articles that I put on his desk weekly. Not only does Majid read them, but he routinely comes back to me with insightful well-thought-out questions.

Demeanour Is Important

At the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we hire staff who are sensitive, patient, and have an overall gentle demeanour. So often, as I encounter patients finishing their appointments with Majid, they tell me they’ve never had a treatment like this by someone with such a gentle touch. It’s not just the absence of pain and bruising they are commenting on, it’s the overall sensitivity and tenderness with which Majid does their treatments.

We only hire Beauty Nurses® who are classy, elegant, and true professionals.  Spend just a few minutes talking to Majid and you will see those qualities in him.

Attentive care

Majid takes as much time as required to examine our patients, formulate a plan, review and explain the approach, and get the job done. How do I know Majid never rushes with his patients?  Because as I leave the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic each evening, tired but satisfied from another great day of surgery, I invariably see Majid hunched over his computer finishing off his charting from the day. Taking the right amount of time to take care of patients during the day, sometimes means spending a little extra time at the end of the day ensuring each note in the chart is perfect. The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Lip Injections


At the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we appreciate staff members who have had some real-life experience; people who have been tested and shaped by their history, and who have come out stronger on the other side. While this is not the forum for me to tell you these details, ask Majid his story when you are sitting in his chair waiting with numbing cream on. What he can tell you about his life will raise the hairs on the back of your neck, and, depending on how much BOTOX you’ve had, cause your eyebrows to rise…

Hidden talents

Part of the joy of working with such interesting people is discovering their hidden talents. Majid is the only person I know who can coax a seemingly dead orchid back to full bloom. Have a look at the orchids in his room when you are in next. It’s not just good luck that makes them bloom. It’s the tender loving care that Majid provides which keeps those orchids alive and blooming, month after month, year after year. And if he can do that with something as fragile as an orchid, imagine what he can do for you!

And of course, while I appreciate this care for the flowers, his gentle personality, and the way he takes such great care of my patients, it doesn’t keep me from also deeply admiring his ability to make the most perfect cup of Turkish coffee!

While I appreciate all of his gifts, skills, and his thoughtful approach, the one thing I admire and appreciate the most is how he takes such great care of each and every one of my patients.

For all of us at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, working with Majid is an honour and a pleasure. I hope you feel the same way.

If you’d like to experience Majid’s professional care and expertise with non-surgical treatments at our Waterloo, ON, practice, request an appointment using our online form or by calling us at (519) 746-1132.


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