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Lip Fillers 101: How They Work and How to Choose a Clinic

Lip Fillers Can Bring Out Your Natural Beauty

Lip fillers can give your look that little boost you’ve been daydreaming about. Fuller, enhanced lips can look natural and fresh. Our Waterloo clinic is proud to be home to the Beauty Nurse® team; a skilled, well-equipped group of nonsurgical specialists who collaborate and share their expertise to create optimal, natural-looking results that highlight your natural beauty. Whether you’re working with Ashley, Natalie, or Majid, you’re in expert hands. Wondering about lip fillers? Answers to our most popular questions are below.

Natalie, Ashley, and Majid from the Beauty Nurse Team

Natalie, Ashley, and Majid from the Beauty Nurse Team

Why do people get lip fillers?

The natural signs of aging can cause lips to grow thinner as collagen and elastin production slows down. Thin lips can be genetic –– if your mom has thin lips, you may as well. But some of us have fuller lips as younger people and notice them thinning as we age. Other factors like smoking, pollution, dehydration, or health issues can advance signs of aging and lip thinning as well.

Lip fillers do more than just fill out your lips.

The Beauty Nurse® team can subtly alter your lips to make changes like:

  • Redefining lips that lost their shape as a result of aging
  • Boosting volume and filling out lips
  • Reshaping the lips or enhancing a cupids bow (that little “v” at the top of your lip)
  • Making uneven lips more symmetrical or adding volume to top or lower lips only if they’re not even
  • Smoothing away vertical lines (smoker’s lines) around the lips

How much do lip fillers cost?

The price of fillers ranges based on the area you’re treating but costs start around $750. 

“Where can I get cheap lip fillers?” is one of the top search results for lip fillers in London and Waterloo. We understand why people are searching for deals. Inflation has made everyday life more expensive than it was a few years ago. But lip fillers can go seriously wrong if you’re not working with skilled, experienced, trained professionals, and you’ll regret not going to the best if you have to wait out a badly done lip injection. Some professionals may be certified and cheap; but if you end up with fillers that you need to correct, or puffy lips that look fake, you’ll likely wish you went to a skilled professional. 

Majid prepares an injectable treatment

Beauty Nurse Majid prepares an injectable filler

What happens during a lip filler appointment?

Before you get lip fillers, you’ll come in for a consultation to meet your injector. They’ll ask questions, take a look at your lips, and discuss the treatment. After reviewing your facial anatomy, they’ll walk you through the process and answer any queries you have about what it’s like. This is a great time to ask all your questions to get a full picture of what you can expect.

What do lip injections feel like?

Lip fillers are administered with a fine needle. A great injector knows how to inject with precision and intention so you’re comfortable throughout the process. At The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, our injections are quick and easy so you can easily schedule them into a busy day. A fine needle is used to inject the dermal filler into the area of your lips being treated. Our fillers contain lidocaine and your injector can administer a numbing cream beforehand so that any discomfort is quick and effortless. Mostly people comfortably tolerate injections and enjoy the process because of how quickly they can see their lovely results.

How can I make sure my lip injections look great?

Come in and meet our team, have a conversation with someone who knows fillers inside out and can understand the nuances of your face. If you’ve never had fillers, start small with an injector who has great reviews and comes highly recommended. Invest in a treatment that you know will have the results you want. Get this important treatment done in a comfortable, safe environment where you know you’ll love the results.

Before & After Dermal Fillers at TCSC

Filler results can be subtle, natural and beautiful

How to make sure you choose the right lip injector:

  • Know your stuff! Read blogs like this one, or Beauty Nurse® Majid’s overview of fillers to learn the basics before your consultation. This will help you choose someone who’s knowledgeable and can help inform the questions you’ll ask.
  • Look at the injector themselves. Do their own injections look fake, or look like the results you’d want? Cosmetic treatments are reliant on good taste. An injector with duck lips might be more prone to over-inject or encourage fillers that are too much.
  • Do you know anyone who’s been to this clinic? If not, what are recent reviews like online? Look for overall reviews and ask around to get a sense of their reputation.
  • When you walk into the clinic, does it look and smell clean? Are the staff welcoming and knowledgeable? Is it well organized? Trust your gut. You should be comfortable in the place where you’ll be getting your injections.
  • Ask your injector for their certifications and about their experience. Who trained them, and what’s their approach like? Are they able to answer your questions?

Did you know? Dermal fillers can also refresh the look of aging hands by renewing volume.

What brand of lip fillers does The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic use?

Based on your needs, your injector will recommend a filler that matches the results you’re going for. We use high-performing, industry-leading dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, or Radiesse® to improve the shape, fullness, and contours of your lips.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally-occurring sugar in the body that helps retain moisture. Fillers with hyaluronic acid do more than just fill lips; they team up with the HA that your body already produces to ramp up collagen production and turn up volume over time.

Do lip fillers look good right away?

Some treatments require weeks or days to see results, but lip fillers are immediately noticeable following treatment. Because you’ve just had injections, you might notice some redness or bruising directly following treatment and your lips may feel tender. This is normal to see right after injections. You’ll leave the clinic with lips that have the refreshed fullness you came in for and will be able to notice your results right away.

Before & After Injectables

A real patient from TCSC demonstrates her lovely lip filler results.

Will my lip fillers look real?

We’ve all seen lip fillers on reality shows that evoke visions of duck lips –– or celebrities who look more like dolls than people. But the truth is, lip fillers are being used on gorgeous natural-looking celebs and everyday people too. You just don’t notice them! That’s what the best fillers do, they highlight your beauty and complement the symmetry of your face to enhance lips with subtle results. Lip injections can—and more importantly should—look natural. (Learn more in this blog post.)

Check out our gallery of filler before-and-after photos  to get a sense of how your filler results could look.

Where can I get lip fillers?

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Waterloo caters to clients from Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph and London, Ontario, from our centrally located Waterloo location. When patients drive over from London, Guelph, or neighbouring cities, they’re often returning patients; people who loved their results and are happy to hop in a car for more than a 20-minute drive to work with the best aestheticians.

Am I too old or young for lip fillers?

Our patients are all ages, and lip fillers can be appropriate for a broad range of ages. Young, elderly, and middle-aged clients come to us for lip injections for a number of reasons. You might be in your 20s looking for a boost, or in your 70s with lips that have thinned with age. We get students from nearby Queen’s University in London, mature community members who walk over from our local Kitchener neighbourhoods, and a range of people from all over Waterloo. Lip injections don’t discriminate based on age, and they can do a lovely job of boosting the appearance of people of all ages. And if you’re a guy, don’t be shy! Lip fillers are also a great way for men to enhance a thinning lip and aren’t limited to a feminine shape. If you’re someone who is transitioning, dermal fillers can also be a great way to enhance a more masculine or feminine jawline, face or lip shape. Ask us about the full scope of options for fillers or schedule a treatment that combines facial and lip fillers.

How long do lip injections last?

Lip fillers can last from six months up to two years. Ask your injector how long they expect your results to last based on the density of your lips and the kind and volume of the injection you’re getting. 

The best place for lip fillers from London to Guelph is at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Waterloo with our fabulous The Beauty Nurse® team.

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic stands outside of the clinic in Kitchener, Waterloo

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Team welcomes you for lip fillers and any other treatment you’re curious to explore! Come see us.

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