Sleep – your skin’s best friend.

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Sleep. We all do it, we all need it, and when it comes to aging, it can be your skin’s best friend or worst enemy.

Getting your beauty sleep isn’t always so easy. Scrunching your face lovingly onto your pillow can cause sleep lines and wrinkles, not to mention it can wipe off all that expensive, preventative product you just applied.

Sleeping can cause damage that doesn’t even cross our minds until it crosses our skin. Enter the enVy® pillow.

The enVy® pillow, which was featured on Season 9 of the CBC’s Dragon’s Den, is an anti-aging/anti sleep wrinkle/therapeutic pillow. The pillow was designed by two Registered Nurses who saw a need for a pillow that helped prevent sleep wrinkles that develop over time, but also provided proper ergonomic and chiropractic sleep support to users. The enVy® pillow was designed with LuxFeel memory foam to offer top-notch neck, head and shoulder support, and with a structural design to keep you off of your face while sleeping. This allows for a great night’s sleep and anti-aging support – a match made in dreamland.

Sara, a patient of The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, discusses her experience with the enVy® pillow.

I was always a good sleeper, able to hit the pillow and be gone. That was until I was in a bicycle accident that left me with a fractured C3 vertebra in my neck and a fully separated shoulder joint. My new reality meant that I was living with constant low-grade headaches and was never able to sleep comfortably, as I am a side sleeper and was no longer able to sleep on my right side. I was in visiting The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in August of 2017, and the enVy® pillow was brought up in discussion. It seemed as though everyone was using it. There was a shocked response when I mentioned that I had never tried using one, mostly because I am getting to the age where sleep wrinkles are truly becoming an issue, but also because I have neck problems. I bought an enVy® pillow right then and there, and I now understand the shocked response. My enVy® pillow goes wherever I do, be it an overnight hiking trip, or a month-long trip across the country. I cannot stress how much of a difference the enVy® pillow has made to my quality of sleep, and therefore my life. I am eternally grateful that I found it! 

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If you want to learn more about the enVy® pillow, it will be featured on a special episode of “Inside the Dragon’s Den” airing Thursday, March 1st, at 8 pm, or contact us at (519) 746-1132.


Watch Dr. Shenker discuss the enVy pillow!

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