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If you want to look younger or bring out your lips, cheeks, or another facial feature—without surgery or downtime—visit the specialists at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic for dermal fillers in Kitchener-Waterloo serving London, Guelph, Cambridge, and Windsor, Ontario. With an extensive menu of the latest options, our experienced Beauty Nurse® team can easily provide the personalized, natural-looking improvements you want.

Non-Surgical Injectables Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Non-Surgical Injectables case #191
    Non-Surgical Injectables case #191

    Case #191

    This 38-year-old lady was unhappy with the deep appearance of her horizontal forehead wrinkles (commonly known as "worry lines") and glabella (the part of the forehead above and between t... View Case 

  • Non-Surgical Injectables case #262
    Non-Surgical Injectables case #262

    Case #262

    This 41-year-old woman wanted a fuller look for her lips but still have a quite natural appearance.  The result that she desired was made possible after undergoing non-surgical lip aug... View Case 

  • Non-Surgical Injectables case #197
    Non-Surgical Injectables case #197

    Case #197

    This 27-year-old woman was unhappy with the visible bump on the upper part of her nose, but did not want to have surgery. Is that possible?  Yes!  After just a small amount of Juv... View Case 

  • Non-Surgical Injectables case #352
    Non-Surgical Injectables case #352

    Case #352

    "Brotox"!  A little play on words ... "bro" + "Botox" ... a bit of a trendy term to describe men getting Botox and filler treatments.  Like for this 54-year-... View Case 

  • Non-Surgical Injectables case #174
    Non-Surgical Injectables case #174

    Case #174

    This 39-year-old woman was unhappy with the size of her lips and wanted a fuller look.  The result that she desired was made possible after undergoing non-surgical lip augmentation using... View Case 

Are filler treatments right for me?

There are many reasons women and men visit us from London, Cambridge, Guelph, and throughout Southern Ontario for dermal fillers, including:

  • Replacing and adding volume to the cheeks, temples, and under the eyes (tear trough)
  • Smoothing away lines and wrinkles on the face
  • Softening nasolabial folds and marionette lines around the mouth
  • Rejuvenating the face (nonsurgical facelift)
  • Enhancing the lips
  • Shaping the nose (nonsurgical rhinoplasty)
  • Reshaping and augmenting the chin
  • Filling in acne scars

How much do dermal fillers cost in Ontario?

Dermal filler treatments typically start at $750 and vary with products used and areas treated. You will be provided with a price for your specific treatment during your consultation.

Can dermal fillers be combined with other treatments?

We often combine BOTOX COSMETIC® or Dysport Aesthetic injections with filler treatments to smooth lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes caused by the contractions of facial muscles. By combining treatments, we can provide a nonsurgical liquid facelift called a Soft Lift™ for a more complete facial rejuvenation than with either treatment alone. FaceTite minimally invasive skin tightening is another treatment that works well with dermal fillers.

What's a liquid facelift?

A liquid facelift, also called a nonsurgical facelift, is a facial rejuvenation procedure performed by combining BOTOX and dermal filler injections. The goal is to smooth out wrinkles and folds and replace volume in the cheeks, lips, and around the eyes. It can be an excellent choice for people who want to correct early signs of aging or are not ready for a surgical facelift. Learn more in this blog post.

What's a liquid rhinoplasty?

Liquid rhinoplasty, also called a nonsurgical nose job, refines the shape of the nose with dermal filler injections. It can be helpful for people who aren't ready for surgery or want to see possible changes before having surgery. The improvements are temporary and limited to reshaping the bridge and tip of the nose.

What makes my skin and lips look older?

Sun exposure, hormonal changes, and aging all have an impact on the skin and lip's appearance by reducing hyaluronic acid and collagen, and elastin. Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar naturally found in our cells. It retains water like a sponge, absorbing more than 1,000 times its weight, to keep the skin hydrated, plump, and firm. Over time, hyaluronic acid and collagen production slows, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of fullness and elasticity.

Lip fillers vs. BOTOX lip flip

Lip fillers and BOTOX are both injectable lip enhancement treatments; however, they work in different ways.

  • Lip fillers plump up and add definition to the lips by adding volume within the lips. Results are instant.
  • BOTOX can be used for a BOTOX lip flip, which gives the illusion of a fuller upper lip. By placing BOTOX injections into the muscle of the upper lip, the muscle gradually relaxes, allowing the upper lip to flip upwards slightly to expose more of the red vermillion.

These two treatments can be combined to add definition to the upper lip and plump up the upper and lower lips. Visit our Lip Augmentation page to learn more.

Which fillers contain hyaluronic acid?

Most of the fillers we offer contain hyaluronic acid and provide instant results that last from 6 months to 2 years (depending on the specific filler and where it is injected). Options include:


The JUVÉDERM family of fillers all contain hyaluronic acid and lidocaine; each product is specially formulated for a specific purpose. Options include:

  • JUVÉDERM® Ultra and JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus smooth away mild to deep lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. We also use these fillers for lip enhancement.
  • JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC restores and adds volume to the cheeks and the chin.
  • JUVÉDERM VOLIFT® reduces deep smile lines (nasolabial folds) while allowing the treated lines to move naturally.
  • JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® adds fullness and definition to the lips. We also use it to fill in tear troughs under the eyes.

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These fillers come in a range of formulations to provide results that look natural. Options include:

  • Restylane® Lyft adds volume to the cheeks and corrects deep smile lines.
  • Restylane® Defyne and Restylane® Refyne rejuvenate the mid-face by filling in moderate to pronounced folds and wrinkles.
  • Restylane® Volyme restores volume to flattened, thinning lips.
  • Restylane® Kysse is another lip enhancement filler.


While these fillers also contain hyaluronic acid, they are formulated in a way that makes them integrate into the skin for natural facial expressions and long-lasting results.

  • BELOTERO® BALANCE reduces moderate to deep lines and folds around the mouth.
  • BELOTERO® INTENSE corrects deep smile lines, lip lines, and other wrinkles around the mouth.
  • BELOTERO® VOLUME, as with VOLUMA and Volyme, adds and restores volume to the cheeks, temples, and chin.


These hyaluronic acid fillers are considered the purest fillers available. Options include:

  • Teosyal provides instant facial rejuvenation to soften smile lines, restore volume to the cheeks, fill in the mental crease that runs under the lower lip, and define the chin.
  • Teosyal® Redensity is a new skin rejuvenation concept that combines dermal filling techniques with mesotherapy to restore the skin's light reflecting properties. With a series of 3 three sessions at 3-week intervals, Redensity treats sagging skin, dull complexions, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, and more. Results are clearly visible from the very first injection session and becomes more pronounced as treatment proceeds.

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Are there other types of fillers?

Yes. Depending on your needs and the results you'd like to attain, we may recommend one of the following options:


This unique, long-lasting, calcium-based filler provides instant facial rejuvenation and acts as a scaffold within the skin to support new collagen as it is produced. RADIESSE may be used around the mouth, on the cheeks, along the jawline, and on the backs of the hands.

Which filler should I choose?

While the variety of fillers can seem overwhelming, in reality your results mainly depend on the technical ability, experience, and aesthetic eye of your injector. Our Beauty Nurses have specialized training and expertise in the use of injectables. Before performing any treatment, you will meet with a Beauty Nurse for a brief consultation. He/she will talk with you about your cosmetic goals and examine your areas of concern and facial anatomy before recommending a dermal filler.

What are dermal filler treatments like?

At our clinic, dermal filler treatments are quick and simple. Your Beauty Nurse uses a fine needle to make quick injections into the skin. Because today's fillers are formulated with lidocaine, there is very little if any discomfort. Bruising, tenderness, and swelling are possible after treatment, but subside quickly.

How long does it take to see results from dermal fillers?

While improvement may be seen immediately, full results typically become visible over the 2 weeks following treatment and enhance further over the following 6 to 8 weeks; however, experiences vary.

Are dermal fillers safe?

Dermal fillers cleared by Health Canada and the U.S. FDA are safe when injected by trained and experienced practitioners like our Beauty Nurses. The fillers we use are synthetic and therefore avoid the risk of allergic reaction in properly screened patients.

Can dermal fillers have side effects?

Side effects from dermal filler injections usually develop at the injection site, are temporary (resolving in under 7 days), and commonly include: mild redness, swelling, tenderness, itching, and bruising. We offer Teosoyal, considered the purest filler available, which minimizes the risk of these side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do fillers hurt?

Our fillers contain lidocaine (numbing medication), so treatments involve little to no discomfort.

Is there anything I should avoid after my dermal filler appointment?

While no downtime is required after these treatments, taking the following precautions can help you attain optimal results:

  • Avoid lying down for about 3 to 4 hours.
  • Do not rub or put pressure where the filler was injected until the next day.
  • Hold off on strenuous exercise for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Stay out of direct sun, saunas, hot tubs, and other sources of heat for the first day.

Are fillers a good alternative to surgical procedures like chin implants, facelifts, and rhinoplasties?

If you are not ready for or interested in surgery, dermal filler injections can be a great temporary alternative to having chin augmentation, facelift, or rhinoplasty surgery. We can also use fillers to give you an idea of what you could look like after a facial plastic surgery procedure.

What dermal fillers are used for tear troughs?

If you are looking tired or older because of tear troughs under your eyes, JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA and Teosyal Redensity are some good choices for smoothing them away.

Are dermal fillers better than BOTOX?

The best injectable for you depends on your individual needs and cosmetic goals. While there is some overlap in what we use these treatments for, differences include:

  • BOTOX smooths out lines and wrinkles caused by repeated muscle contractions.
  • Fillers restore volume to fill in folds, wrinkles, hollows around the eyes, and the cheeks. We also use them to enhance the lips, nose, and chin.

If you're interested in overall facial rejuvenation, you will probably benefit from a combination of these treatments.

Is JUVÉDERM the best lip filler?

The JUVÉDERM family includes multiple fillers formulated specifically for lip augmentation and enhancement; however, there are other options we use as well such as Restylane Volyme. It's important to choose an injector experienced with a range of lip filler options to provide the beautiful, personalized results you want.

At what age should I start getting dermal fillers?

The best age for starting dermal filler treatments depends on your cosmetic goals and personal preferences. Younger people often have filler injections to enhance the lips, cheeks, chin, and nose. People who want to address signs of aging turn to fillers for instant rejuvenation and minimal downtime. If you are unsure, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with a Beauty Nurse.

Which fillers last the longest?

In general, fillers last longer in areas of the face that don't move a lot such as the cheeks. Hyaluronic acid fillers can last up to 2 years.

To find out more about all the ways we can enhance your look with dermal fillers and other non-surgical treatments, request a consultation at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic using our online form or call (519) 746-1132 for an appointment.

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