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Before Case 15 After
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Case 15

This young woman had a combined procedure.  She had a breast augmentation using round smooth cohesive silicon gel implants, placed under the chest muscle through an incision in the fold under the brerast.  She also had a tummy tuck to remove the excess loose and wrinkled skin she did no...
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Before Case 16 After
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Case 16

Style 115 round textured cohesive silicon gel implants 401 grams periaereolar incision sub-glandular placement*
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Before Case 141 After
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Case 141

This very pleasant middle-aged woman had a large weight loss, and, even though she was very happy to lose the weight, she was unhappy with the subsequent appearance of her breasts and abdomen. She underwent a standard abdominoplasty along with a vertical  mastopexy with fat grafting...
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Before Case 97 After
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Case 97

This 46 year old woman who  achieved weight loss through  gasteric bypass was left with excessive skin, enlarged aerola and very little volume in her breasts. She came to us to complete her aesthetic goals. Her husband and two children supported her through her entire transfo...
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