Breast Augmentation - 6 Years Later

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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Procedures Performed
  • Breast Augmentation

This healthy 29-year-old woman wanted fuller, larger breasts that would not look artificial.

She underwent outpatient day surgery breast augmentation using an inframammary fold incision measuring about 3 cm long which healed beautifully over the subsequent few months.  Her implant is a smooth round 270 cc, cohesive silicone gel implant placed under the muscle in the subpectoral pocket.

The photographed results seen here are done in 2 stages:

Views 1 through 5:  Pre-op vs. 3 months Post-Op
Views 6 through 10:  3 months Post-Op vs. 6 years Post-Op

The result seen here shows a soft, natural appearance to the breasts.  They are larger, more projecting and yet they do not look surgically enhanced.  Six years from her surgery date, the breasts remain soft, natural appearing and, most importantly, the patient remains very happy with how she looks.

Age: 29
Gender: Female
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