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Before Case 117 After
Before After

Case 117

This 39 year old woman had acne, uneven skin tone and texture, sun damage and fine lines.  This beautiful result was achieved with several sessions of Broadband light (BBL), a chemical peel, microlaser peel skin resurfacing, and some medical grade skin care.  Her skin is now clear, even...
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Before Case 151 After
Acne Before Acne After

Case 151

This healthy young woman was frustrated by her facial acne. She had tried many other treatments all of which were unsuccessful. Over the course of just a few treatments to The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we were able to get rid of this problem once and for all! Her treatment consisted of a combinati...
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Before Case 113 After
young man facial acne before young man facial acne after

Case 113

This 15 year old otherwise healthy young man was struggling to get his facial acne under control.  He was treated with a combination of a facial skin peel, some broadband light (BBL) and some medical grade skin care products. 
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Before Case 118 After
acne before acne after

Case 118

This healthy 24 year old woman had significant acne that had not responded well to standard over the counter treatments. We treated her with a combination of Broadband Light (BBL) and a regimen of medical grade skin care.  After a few short weeks, her skin cleared and the acne was...
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Before Case 112 After
acne female before acne female after

Case 112

This 20 year old woman had active acne and acne scars diffusely across her face.  She was successfully treated with a combination of Broadband Light (BBL), microlaser peel, and some medical grade skin care products. 
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