Ear Surgeries (Otoplasty)

Protruding ears can be embarrassing at any age. That's why ear surgery (otoplasty) performed at our Kitchener-Waterloo clinic is one of the most gratifying procedures we offer. Children and adults alike gain confidence after they see the results of cosmetic ear surgery. Our plastic surgeons also repair torn or stretched earlobes through ear surgery.

Residents from Cambridge, Guelph, Windsor, and London choose The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic for otoplasty. Request a consultation online with one of our surgeons, or call our office at (519) 746-1132 to schedule an appointment.

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Who is a candidate for otoplasty?

The most common otoplasty patients are children and adults bothered by protruding ears that may lack the folds and contours of ears that are closer to the head. In children, the cartilage is soft enough that reshaping the ear is less difficult than it is when operating on the hardened cartilage of adult ears.

Otoplasty is also appropriate for outer ear injuries or to repair earlobes, especially for pierced ears that are torn or stretched. Most torn earlobes can be repaired using delicate surgical techniques.

What are my options for ear surgery (otoplasty)?

Decisions about the best approach to ear surgery for you or your child are discussed during a thorough consultation with one of the plastic surgeons at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Otoplasty to correct protruding ears for young children is typically done with the patient under general anesthesia. We offer sedation for older children, such as teenagers, but the procedure is generally carried out under local anesthetic for adult patients. The results last indefinitely.

Depending on the abnormality, several surgical techniques are available. In certain cases, a combination of techniques is appropriate. For protruding ears, the ear cartilage is reshaped and "set back" closer to the scalp by scoring the cartilage (making a series of small incisions) to allow it to bend back, and then inserting a series of non-dissolvable sutures to hold the cartilage in its new position and shape.

Earlobe repair usually requires removal of the damaged portion of the lobe, followed by careful suturing to restore an intact earlobe. Your surgeon will discuss the best approach for your particular concern.

What should I expect after surgery?

Some bruising and swelling is normal immediately after surgery and will gradually diminish over the first week after surgery. Children may feel some nausea or dizziness caused by the general anesthetic. All patients are monitored in our recovery room before being discharged to the care of a friend or family member who will drive them home.

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It is important that you are careful to monitor young children closely after ear surgery. They may be annoyed by the special bandages and try to pull them off, or may be simply curious about the results. Bandages and, later, a special headband, help ensure the best possible results and must remain in place as directed by your surgeon. Parents often arrange to have their school-age children remain home for at least a week after surgery. We recommend avoiding strenuous activity for 2 to 3 weeks. Keep in mind that it usually takes about 6 weeks to completely heal after ear surgery, although patient experiences vary.

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