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Great eyes get you noticed.

Here’s how you can rejuvenate your eyes for a fresh new look. When your eyes sparkle, so do you. If your eyes cause you to look tired, you’re not alone. It’s natural to notice deeper tear troughs, fine lines, wrinkles, and drooping eyelids over time. As collagen production decreases, it’s normal to notice aging in the periocular region (the area surrounding the eyes). Whether you’re looking to brighten up with a simple non-surgical treatment like BOTOX COSMETIC® or considering an eyelid lift or other surgical option, our team is here in Waterloo, ON, to provide options and guide you through … Continue reading »

What makes TCSC so special? Part 2

Part 2 of our series dives deeper into what sets our clinic apart. Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Shenker! Welcome to Part 2 of a new series, in which we’ll be giving you an in-depth look at what sets The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic apart. Last time, we told you the story of how our clinic began more than 40 years ago, and outlined the importance of our in-house, full time team. Let’s take a look at some more unique qualifications and traits that we’re proud of  here at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. We are singularly qualified. Our team brings decades of … Continue reading »

Part 1: What makes TCSC so special?

Wondering what sets TCSC apart? Get to know what makes us unique, and keeps our patients coming back. Navigating the world of Cosmetic Surgery can feel like finding your way through a jungle. We know how daunting it can feel to choose a clinic, especially when considering something that has as much nuance and gravitas as aesthetic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic treatment. Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Shenker, the Owner and Medical Director at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Welcome to a new series, in which we’ll be giving you an in-depth look at what sets us apart. What makes The Cosmetic … Continue reading »

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Is Open!

To our Patients, Wow, it feels great to reopen our clinic! Although things definitely aren’t back to “normal,” we’re glad we can take the next steps in opening our doors again for our plastic surgery patients from London, Kitchener, and Waterloo, ON. It’s been encouraging to connect with you through Instagram Live and virtual consultations during our closure—but there’s nothing like being part of your journey in person.  Our team is thrilled to be back together as well. For me, the best part of reopening is to see the magic resume in our clinic, whether that’s seeing happy Botox Cosmetic® … Continue reading »

Hey Dr. Shenker! Why on Earth Can’t I Have My Surgery…

… or BOTOX/laser/filler/BBL/ProFractional/Halo/acne treatments/peel/microneedling/CoolSculpting treatment yet? Over the last few weeks, and especially over the last few days, the team and I at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic have heard from an overwhelming number of our beloved patients from the Kitchener-Waterloo area and beyond. Before I get into the details of our plans to reopen, let me first express my undying appreciation for the patients of The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Every single one of you has been kind, understanding, insightful, thoughtful, patient, and generous. If you would have told me when we shut down on March the 17th that we would … Continue reading »

Meet Our Surgeons

The talented, experienced plastic surgeons at our Kitchener-Waterloo clinic have the advanced training to create exceptional, natural-looking results that meet the individual needs of our patients. The collaborative nature of our practice benefits patients in many ways.

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