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Could Silhouette InstaLift ® Be Right For You?

Innovation is important to us We’re always looking for new ways to innovate at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic; we want our patients to have access to the best treatments, with great results that meet their goals. We see so many patients with different concerns and goals coming through our clinic, so we’re also always looking for new solutions you’ll love. That’s why we’re so excited about this new treatment offering!  What is Silhouette InstaLift® ? Silhouette InstaLift® is a new, non-surgical treatment alternative for facial rejuvenation. It’s a new treatment in Canada and has been available since 2020, so we’re … Continue reading »

Laser Skin Resurfacing: 10 Things You Need to Know

It’s easy to find basic information about laser skin resurfacing with a google search. But not everything you need to know about laser skin resurfacing is easy to find online. We often have patients who are surprised by certain aspects of laser skin resurfacing or didn’t have a full picture of laser treatment before booking an appointment. That’s why we’ve put together this list of laser skin resurfacing insights for med spa patients from London, Kitchener, and Cambridge who are curious about laser skin treatments at our Waterloo clinic. Here are some tips for laser skin resurfacing that you should … Continue reading »

5 Benefits of CoolSculpting® Treatment

The biggest endorsement for any treatment always comes from a friend who’s tried it personally and is excited about their results. Over the years, we’ve heard many patients talk about why they recommend CoolSculpting® med spa treatments to their Kitchener and Cambridge friends. We’ve also had new clients come into our Waterloo clinic because they saw a friend’s excellent results. Whether you’ve heard a rave review or are just interested to learn more, here’s a list of CoolSculpting benefits to consider. 1. CoolSculpting® allows us to target a focused area of fat.  The innovative handpiece used in CoolSculpting treatment gives … Continue reading »

How Does CoolSculpting® Work?

Everyone deals with pockets of fat that won’t go away. No matter how healthy you are or how much you exercise, you likely know the frustration that comes from those pockets of stubborn fat that just won’t budge. Some areas are harder to target with exercise. That’s why CoolSculpting is popular with Kitchener, Guelph, and London, Ontario, men and women. This innovative treatment at our Waterloo clinic lets your practitioner target stubborn fat with no downtime, almost anywhere on the body. How does CoolSculpting freeze fat? It’s great to understand the science behind the treatments you’re considering; CoolSculpting works by … Continue reading »

The Truth About Injectable Treatments

Every face is unique and so is every injectable treatment, whether you’re getting lip fillers or BOTOX® injections. Serving patients from Guelph to London, Ontario, our specialists on The Beauty Nurse® team are expert injectors who can renew your appearance with lovely, natural results that honour your singular appearance. The best injectors understand the subtle differences that make your features, your face, and your look unique. But even though our patients are all unique, we find that many of them ask similar questions about injectable treatments. So let’s explore these questions in the blog today! We’ve asked Majid Memand, Registered Nurse … Continue reading »

Meet Our Surgeons

The talented, experienced plastic surgeons at our Kitchener-Waterloo clinic have the advanced training to create exceptional, natural-looking results that meet the individual needs of our patients. The collaborative nature of our practice benefits patients in many ways.

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