The Truth About Injectable Treatments

Every face is unique and so is every injectable treatment, whether you’re getting lip fillers or BOTOX® injections. Serving patients from Guelph to London, Ontario, our specialists on The Beauty Nurse® team are expert injectors who can renew your appearance with lovely, natural results that honour your singular appearance. The best injectors understand the subtle differences that make your features, your face, and your look unique. But even though our patients are all unique, we find that many of them ask similar questions about injectable treatments. So let’s explore these questions in the blog today!

We’ve asked Majid Memand, Registered Nurse and Expert Injector, to answer some of your most pressing questions about injectable treatments. 

Who is Majid Memand?

Majid Memand holding skincare productIf you’ve visited our Waterloo clinic you may already be familiar with the talent and skill of Beauty Nurse® Majid Memand. Majid was initially drawn to the aesthetic field because of his interest in the intersection of medicine, art, and beauty. Now, with more than 12 years of nursing experience, Majid sculpts beautiful results out of a sincere desire to help people live their best lives. Clients from throughout the region travel to see Majid for the way he makes them look and feel with his thoughtful technique.

Hi Majid!

Let’s start with the first injectable experience that most of us have.

What age should you start BOTOX and fillers?

Clients often ask me when the best time is to start injections of dermal fillers such as Restylane® and JUVÉDERM®, or neuromodulators like BOTOX®. To make it simple, I have to say there’s no “exact age” to start injectables. You should start when the time is right for prevention, and that’s up to you. 

But how soon is too soon for BOTOX?

It is common and naturally attractive to see fine lines when you smile or frown. These lines usually disappear when the face is relaxed. When you begin to see those wrinkles while your face is at rest, that’s a great time to think about having injections as a preventative treatment to smooth wrinkles. Non-surgical procedures like injections of BOTOX and dermal fillers have become popular for women in their mid-20s and early 30s, according to the The Aesthetic Society (formerly ASAPS).

What are dermal fillers good for?

Dermal fillers are used to replace the lost volume in the face and to create a more youthful appearance. As we age, we naturally lose volume from our cheeks, lips, and other areas. This creates a sunken, hollow appearance as time goes by. Dermal fillers can refresh the missing volume. You can read all about the uses for injectables like dermal fillers in our related blog post.

How often do fillers need to be replaced?

Based on the type of filler you choose, you may notice different periods of longevity when it comes to your results. Additionally, lifestyle, sun exposure, genetics, and placement can all affect the effectiveness and longevity of injectable products. For example, the areas of the face that move more frequently, like the region around the mouth, need to be injected more often for optimal results. The most commonly used dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring molecule that helps boost collagen production. With everything above also being important for consideration, HA-based fillers generally last between 6 to 12 months.

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What’s one thing you wish people knew about BOTOX?

That BOTOX can have beautiful, natural results. It is not hard to find people who look unnatural because of their cosmetic injections. You may notice people in your neighbourhood, workplace, or on television whose faces look frozen or fake. People who have never had an injectable treatment usually think that BOTOX is the main cause of that issue. But here’s the truth: BOTOX does not change any volume on our faces. It does not make something look smaller or larger. BOTOX helps to smooth out lines and get a fresher look only by relaxing some facial muscles. 

What happens if BOTOX is injected wrong? How long does it take to go away?

With BOTOX, the result is not permanent, so if someone does not like their look after a BOTOX treatment, their appearance will look more natural again after 2 to 3 months following treatment. At The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, our patients leave happy with their results, so this isn’t a concern we’re used to hearing about.

How do I make my BOTOX and dermal fillers look natural?

I suggest working with an injector who has a conservative approach to the nonsurgical rejuvenation of the face— someone who has good knowledge of facial aesthetics and experience with different injectable products. This person knows that ‘less is more.’ As long as you are not overdone, as long as you receive just enough dosage of BOTOX or dermal filler, artfully administered by an expert injector, your results will look natural and you will not look strange at all.

When you see before and after photos or meet with your specialist, have a look at your injector’s face. Do their facial expressions look frozen, do they have overdone filler (duck lips!), or do they look as if they’ve had work done? If your injector has a frozen facial appearance, it’s likely a sign that this isn’t a place where natural results are prioritized. You may wish to reconsider your decision to work with that injector on your cosmetic goals. Getting injections from a specialist who has different beauty standards from yours likely means they’ll apply that same aesthetic to your treatment plan. 

Thank you Majid!

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