The Best Surgical Care Starts Here

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The Best Surgical Care Starts Here

Perioperative care is an essential part of a surgical patient’s experience. Before, during and after the time you spend under anesthesia on the operating table, your surgical experience should feel supportive, clear, and comfortable at every step of the journey. 

At The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we’re passionate about providing superior patient care at every step of your surgical journey. We’re obsessed with our perioperative patient care process; from the first time you contact us by phone, email or through social media, to the consultation, through to your surgery, and into the months that follow with recovery and beautiful results. In this article we’ll explore what sets our perioperative care apart, and what you can expect from your experience with us.

What is perioperative care?

Perioperative care encompasses your entire surgical experience, from the first contact with the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, into your surgery, until well after your recovery. The best perioperative care prioritizes your safety, health, comfort, convenience and well-being at every stage of this process. That means thorough communication, incredible service, and a clinic staff who are intuitively connected to support you with every step of the journey.

What makes The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic’s surgical care so special?

Our team is committed to a surgical experience that puts you first. That means clear, timely, honest communication, clear expectations, thoughtful care, and a skilled surgical team with decades of experience and a track record of great results. But beyond that, we’re always a step ahead when it comes to your perioperative experience. Here’s what sets us apart from other clinics in Ontario and Canada specifically.

You’ll Hear From Us Quickly

No matter how busy we get, we answer each phone call, each email inquiry or any question our patients ask  as quickly as possible. Usually that means within a few hours, and almost always within the same business day that we received the enquiry.

Our surgical patients have our cell phone numbers.

Our patients get a phone call from their surgeon on the night of their surgery. Not just a call from our helpful, skilled administrative staff, or but a call from the surgeon who  performed their surgery. Our patients have our cell phone numbers  and email addresses and are offered one-on-one, direct responses from our nursing team or through direct contact with their surgeon. We give each patient our complete attention; that’s how it’s always been, and it’s how it should be.

Our legacy of perioperative care speaks volumes.

Our patients trust us with the most sensitive, important surgeries because they know we value their safety and health more than anything. At the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic we have had nearly forty years to refine our patient care process. Over the past decades our surgeons constantly innovate to stay on top of new technologies, surgical advances, and the latest studies to offer the best surgical care at every new turn in your surgical experience.

Great surgical care continues after your surgery.

Holistic surgical care requires great communication and care well after your surgery takes place. The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is a leader in follow-up, post-surgical communication and support. For us, this is one of the most important (and rewarding!) parts of the surgical process. We love seeing our patients come in for their follow-up appointments and are always thrilled to celebrate the results with them. We’re here to answer questions, offer comprehensive guidelines for effective, comfortable, healing, and encourage you along the way. The best gift we get from a patient is always the pure joy on their faces when they get a chance to enjoy natural, beautiful results. Well that, and the donuts and flowers they send when they get to celebrate their results. Those are nice too. But nothing means more to us than a happy patient.

No outsourcing. Our team and surgical facilities are all under one roof.

Great perioperative care should be simple. Our surgeries take place under the same roof where you have your initial consultation.Our surgical team is made up of full-time staff, so you won’t find any revolving-door scrub nurses, circulating nurses, anesthesiologists, or surgeons here! Our team is a well-oiled machine, well synchronized and unified. Dr. Shenker often says that his Surgical Nurse, Patti, knows what he is thinking with just a glance. Many clinics outsource their teams to itinerant staff, or use off-site operating facilities run by strangers. By operating under our own roof, with our own team, we remain fully focused on you. That means you’ll receive personal, thoughtful, professional care that always puts you first. 

The best surgical experience in all of Ontario.

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Meet Our Surgeons

The talented, experienced plastic surgeons at our Kitchener-Waterloo clinic have the advanced training to create exceptional, natural-looking results that meet the individual needs of our patients. The collaborative nature of our practice benefits patients in many ways.

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