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Why Choose Liquid Rhinoplasty?

What is a liquid rhinoplasty?

Liquid rhinoplasty is a treatment that uses dermal fillers to change the shape of your nose. This procedure is a less invasive, non-surgical alternative to the traditional “nose job” or surgical rhinoplasty. Whether you want to smooth out nose bumps, ridges, or natural imperfections, our Kitchener-Waterloo injectors use dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM® to give our patients from London, Ontario, and beyond a liquid nose job that brings balance to their facial features.

The facial profile of a woman with hearts on her face.

Liquid rhinoplasty can improve your nose’s natural shape.

What can a liquid rhinoplasty fix?

Every nose job is different, and dermal fillers give an experienced practitioner the benefit of nuanced control. Dermal fillers can resolve a small bump (also called a dorsal hump) on the bridge of the nose, a drooping nasal tip, or an asymmetrical nose shape.

Liquid rhinoplasty can be an effective way to change the shape or profile of your nose and correct natural imperfections. If you have a long, curved nose then a dermal filler can add length to create a visual sense of balance or symmetry.

If you’ve had a surgical rhinoplasty somewhere else and aren’t satisfied with the results, a liquid rhinoplasty with dermal fillers can also be an effective way to make subtle changes or to further modify the shape of your nose.

You can see some of our patients’ liquid rhinoplasty before and after pictures to get an idea of the type of results we can create.

Surgical Rhinoplasty vs. Liquid Rhinoplasty

Both surgical and non-invasive solutions begin with a consultation, where you’ll meet with a medical expert to discuss your goals and concerns. This includes an examination of your nose and a conversation to talk about your options. Bring your questions about non-surgical rhinoplasty to your consultation and we can outline what you can expect from your treatment.

A surgical rhinoplasty is a more intensive procedure that requires some downtime. This surgical procedure usually takes 1 to 3 hours and you’ll need to wait to see the results of your procedure. Any issues with your nasal cavity that make it hard to breathe or affect the function of your nose will likely require surgical intervention. 

A nose job with dermal fillers (also called a liquid rhinoplasty), happens while you’re sitting upright with a topical numbing cream, so you can observe the changes to your nose as they happen. You won’t be able to address structural concerns about your nasal shape with dermal fillers, but you can change the shape or contours of your nose.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Benefits

There are a variety of reasons to choose a liquid rhinoplasty. 

  • Administering the dermal fillers only takes 15 to 30 minutes, with a wait time beforehand to allow the topical numbing cream to set in.
  • You won’t have to wait to see what the results of your treatment look like and can immediately see the change in nose shape once the fillers are administered.
  • You’ll have control over changes as you observe the treatment taking place.
  • The results aren’t permanent, so you can “test out” your new nose shape instead of committing to a shape you haven’t seen yet.
  • Liquid rhinoplasty can make large nostrils seem smaller by adding fullness or definition on the tip or bridge of the nose.
  • A liquid rhinoplasty with dermal fillers can also be a great way to test out a new nasal shape before a surgical procedure or to subtly modify your nose after you’ve had surgery.
  • Liquid rhinoplasty is far less expensive than a surgical procedure.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Drawbacks

  • The results of liquid rhinoplasty aren’t permanent, so you’ll need to get touch-ups if you’d like to maintain your new nose shape.
  • Liquid rhinoplasty can’t address structural issues –– like a nasal cavity shape that is affecting your ability to breathe easily.
  • Dermal fillers for the nose are great for patients looking to augment nose shape by adding or shaping using fullness. But if you have concerns about a big nose or are looking for a nose reduction, fillers might not be the right choice for you. Remember that dermal fillers work by adding fullness to camouflage. They can’t remove volume or reduce the size of your nose.

What To Expect From Liquid Rhinoplasty

If you’re considering a liquid nose job, begin by collecting images and examples of how you’d like your nose to look, or look in the mirror and identify the changes you’d like to make. During your initial consultation, your doctor will examine your nose and create a personalized treatment plan with a combination of dermal fillers that are specific to you.

Liquid rhinoplasty procedure

  • Your specialist will apply a numbing cream to your nose about 20 minutes before treatment begins to minimize any discomfort. 
  • You’ll be awake during the procedure, and your injector may even provide you with a hand mirror so you can see the changes as they happen, observing how the filler is changing the shape of your nose. 
  • Many patients appreciate the control this offers; they can see changes happen in real-time and offer feedback during the treatment.

Another example of a successful liquid rhinoplasty with fillers

How long does a liquid rhinoplasty last?

The results of dermal fillers vary based on the volume or location of the fillers, but liquid rhinoplasty results typically last from 4-6 months before it’s time to come in for a touch-up.

Do nose injections hurt?

Every patient has a different comfort level and tolerance, and our team is committed to making sure all of our Waterloo patients feel comfortable, safe, and happy with their results. In your consultation, we’ll walk you through how the process looks; including outlining topical numbing cream and options to manage any discomfort during the process. 

What are the risks of a liquid rhinoplasty?

All risks will be discussed prior to treatment. By choosing a skilled injector, you’ll be ensuring that your safety and comfort are the top priority. Some patients may experience temporary side effects like irritation, swelling, or redness, which can be covered up with makeup.

Choose an Experienced, Certified Injector for Your Liquid Nose Job

It’s incredibly important to choose a specialist with extensive experience, education, and examples of their work when you book your liquid rhinoplasty. Each face is incredibly unique, and the balance of proportions and the nuances of your facial symmetry are all affected by the appearance of your nose. The nose also has a complex set of arteries and veins and injections need to be administered by a skilled, experienced practitioner to avoid risks like vascular compromise or infections. By choosing a confident injector with a proven track record, you’ll ensure a safe, comfortable process with results you can enjoy.

How To Book a Liquid Rhinoplasty

Book a consultation at our Waterloo clinic by calling us at 519-746-1132 or using our online form to request a consultation. We’re proud to offer liquid nose jobs with dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM for our patients from London, Guelph, and Kitchener, Ontario, and beyond.

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