Meet The Beauty Nurse® team.

Get to know the friendly faces behind TCSC’s expert aesthetic team.

Meet the members of The Beauty Nurse® team at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic: your skin and body experts, offering advanced injectables, laser and CoolSculpting® here at TCSC.

At The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, our team always works together to ensure extraordinary care for every patient, whether they’re coming to us for a surgery or a medical aesthetic treatment. When it comes to the latter, we’ve assembled a dream team of experts to provide the complete aesthetic patient experience: The Beauty Nurse® team.

Each of The Beauty Nurses is the very best in their respective area of expertise, whether that be injectable treatments, skincare and laser treatments, or CoolSculpting®. Highly-sought after and consistently trained in the latest and greatest techniques and treatments, each of them brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team. Their styles and personalities are diverse, but as complementary as the treatments they offer.

As a patient, you’ll reap the benefits of having this expert team at your disposal; you’ll notice immediately that each member of The Beauty Nurse® team is committed to taking time with every individual, and to working together to achieve the best and most natural outcomes. The team has access to extensive resources and can help guide patients to the best non-surgical outcomes, while also collaborating with our surgical staff to support patients if surgery is the most practical option for their desired outcomes.

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Beauty Nurses are your trusted treatment experts, aesthetic artists, and confidence cheerleaders. Are you ready to get to know this talented trio?

INJECTABLES: Majid Memand, R.N., Nurse Injector

The Beauty Nurse, Majid Memand, The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

When it comes to injectable treatments like BOTOX COSMETIC®, dermal fillers (think lip injections, volume enhancement and more), and BELKYRA™, Majid knows his stuff. With over 12 years of nursing experience, and a certification in wound care, he applies his passion for helping people and his eye for aesthetic balance to every single treatment.

SKIN: Natalie Jakobowska, RPN, Aesthetic Laser Nurse Specialist

The Beauty Nurse, Natalie Jakobowska, The Cosmetic Surgery ClinicWhen it comes to medical-grade skincare and laser treatments to correct a variety of skin concerns, Natalie is your girl. A Registered Practical Nurse with a wealth of aesthetic and laser experience dating back to 2006, she followed her heart and it led her to The Beauty Nurse® team. A visit with her will have you glowing.

COOLSCULPTING®: Lauren Jacobs, Aesthetic and Peri-Operative R.N., CoolSculpt Specialist

The Beauty Nurse, Lauren Jacobs, The Cosmetic Surgery ClinicOur patients are always happy to see Lauren, because a visit with her means it’s time to freeze off those unwanted fat cells. Our resident CoolSculpting® specialist is a Registered Nurse with experience in many nursing fields. She finally found her true calling in aesthetic medicine, and now wields her CoolSculpting wand with confidence and care.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive aesthetic experience: from injectables and laser treatments to skincare and CoolSculpting, there’s no better option. Contact us to schedule a consultation with a member of The Beauty Nurse® team today.

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