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The Best Anti Aging Treatments for the Face: A Mother of the Bride Story

Firstly, congratulations! If you’re about to celebrate the nuptials of someone you love, this is an important and exciting time. Of course, this day is all about the happy couple and the joining of two families, but it’s also about you in a big way. Wanting to look and feel your best makes perfect sense.

Beyond welcoming someone into your family, you’re also about to see some of your oldest friends and closest family members and meet new family members. Feeling confident as the mother of the bride will let you head into the wedding week with optimism and positive energy. While you’re planning and celebrating, take time to choose an outfit you feel great in and put together your own aesthetic game plan with the best anti aging treatments for your face so you look and feel your best. 

Meet Barb!

Barb works at the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and was recently Mother of the brideWhen it comes to a gorgeous mother-of-the-bride, we’re pleased to have a real-life example on our own team! Barb is our Patient Coordinator/Financial Liaison at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. She’s been part of our team since 2009 and is an invaluable member of the clinic staff. She is our clinic liaison and is responsible for handling the payroll, business banking and striving to make our good days great and our bad days easier to get through. Barb works hand in hand with our surgical team to make sure that all aspects of a surgical process are smooth.


This summer, Barb celebrated her daughter’s wedding.

Since she’s a key part of our team, she knew that planning and booking happen well before wedding season. A wedding is a great time to complement and enhance your beauty, but going for a whole “new look” is risky. Barb chose treatments that would smooth, highlight and refresh her look. Our Beauty Nurses® formed a unique treatment plan that was specific to her, matched her skincare regimen, and met her beauty goals for the day.

Winter Is the Wedding Planning Season for All Things Cosmetic

Most of us associate “wedding season” with April to September months and might not have weddings on the mind right now. But if you’ve got a wedding in the family or are planning your own this summer or next autumn, you’re likely in the thick of planning these days. Venue booking, sorting out all the little details, and shopping for the right thing to wear. If you’re considering cosmetic treatments or plastic surgery in advance of the special day, make sure you think ahead! It’s never too early to start scheduling consultations for the changes you’re dreaming about. Our Beauty Nurse® team can help recommend a treatment plan that’s right for you; some treatments show results right away, and others might trigger collagen production or refined contours over the weeks following treatment. Ask your specialist about the right timeline for your treatments during your consultation.

Barb knew that for cosmetic treatments, some treatments book out 5 to 6 months in busy clinics like ours, while others might be available within a shorter timeframe. But you also want to reserve time to allow for optimal results. Some treatments show results right away, like with many injectable treatments, while others might take a few weeks to evolve. Plan ahead to enjoy the process, and to make sure you have time to consider all the options when it comes to your own cosmetic strategy.

Treatments for the Mother of the Bride

Keep in mind that the treatments we recommend for the mother of the bride depend on your own goals, concerns, and vision for the day. Barb’s favourites suited her own game plan and targeted concerns like fine lines and an uneven complexion. Check out our full list of non-surgical treatments to explore solutions like state-of-the-art laser skin tightening to BOTOX COSMETIC® wrinkle treatments and injectable fillers such as JUVÉDERM® and RADIESSE®.

HALO® Sciton Laser Treatments

HALO Laser treatment in Toronto OntarioLaser solutions can be a great treatment solution for anyone seeking a non-invasive cosmetic treatment with multiple benefits. HALO lasers can smooth fine lines, accelerate cell turnover for more radiant skin, reduce enlarged pores, or target discolouration. Multiple wavelengths of light offer varying depths of light to work on multiple concerns at once.


That wedding glow isn’t just for the bride! HALO gets its name partly from the way it targets sun spots and discolouration, restoring a radiant appearance for tired skin. This high-end resurfacing laser treatment is a great pre-wedding option.

How does HALO® laser work?

HALO laser treatments use multiple wavelengths of light (ablative and non-ablative) to trigger the body’s natural healing process. These light wavelengths can improve skin clarity, restore a youthful glow, or pair with surgical procedures to optimize results or delay the need for invasive treatments. Treatment time can be anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, with noticeable results 1 to 2 weeks following treatment. You might want more than one treatment, and your skin might be red or swollen for 3 to 5 days following treatment as it heals.


Barb injectables from Majid in London Ontario BotoxBarb opted for Volite® and BOTOX Cosmetic® to smooth wrinkles and lines for a refreshed look. Juvederm Volite® was injected into the upper lip for subtle enhancement. Volite® also boosts hydration and smooths skin, so it’s another multi-tasking treatment. 

What should I know about getting pre-wedding injections?

Choose an injector with experience to make sure your injections look natural and subtle; you won’t want duck lips or a frozen smile on wedding day. The best results take your unique facial symmetry into account; the size and shape of your lips as well as the way your other features complement your singular beauty. This is another great reason to book early! Start your injections a year ahead of the wedding and get to know the injectable technique that works for you. 

Barb volite botox oakville ontarioNeuromodulators like BOTOX® can address the “smoker’s lines” most people have that deepen with time for a smoother appearance. They can also help relax the muscles that cause forehead folds and wrinkles; like the injection our Beauty Nurse® injector Majid is skillfully administering here. These injectables are also great for preventing further wrinkles. Neuromodulators don’t just address wrinkles or folds that already exist; they also reduce future lines by relaxing these underlying muscles. 

How are dermal fillers different from neuromodulators?

Dermal fillers have a different injectable role but can play into your strategy in tandem with neuromodulators. Fillers restore lost volume or contours on the face or hands. Rather than relaxing the muscles that cause folds and lines, fillers restore moisture and fullness strategically. Barb’s also a fan of the way fillers can reduce signs of aging on the back of her hands for a more youthful look. When used on the face, dermal fillers can reduce the appearance of tear troughs, add definition or contours to the cheeks, or help with a more clear jawline. Learn about fillers here.

The Big Day

Barb enjoys being mother of the bride on her daughter's special day

“To say I was beyond excited for the big day would be an understatement. Although there were still some nerves that I think are just natural for all involved to feel, I certainly felt great about my look for my daughter’s special day. I had amazing wishes and support from my TCSC family and loved the results from my treatment plan that our Beauty Nurse® team had implemented. Although I knew all eyes would truly be on the bride, I felt extremely confident as I ‘faced’ the day. I’m so happy that I dedicated time to how I would look and feel, as I can now look back on that amazing day and still feel confident that I achieved a look that I am so happy with.” 


Cosmetic surgery solutions for mother of the bride

Looking for a more dramatic change? If you’ve been thinking about surgery for a while and have a year or two before the big day, cosmetic face surgery could offer the bigger transformation you’re looking for. Stay tuned for blog #2 where we’ll explore cosmetic surgery solutions for the mother of the bride.

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